CLO Roundtable on 26 April 2022

CLO Roundtable

On April 26, EFMD convened heads of learning & development for a CLO Roundtable, to take a bold view into the future and discuss L&D in 2030 with Julian Stodd, thought leader and prolific author on learning in the social age.

Julian got us going with a discussion of the major trends that he observes, as depicted in two of his pictures below.

CLO Roundtable 1

CLO Roundtable 2
These trends are fully in line with the slogan from learning provider to learning enabler that we coined at EFMD. The ongoing adaptation to individual needs, the contextualisation of learning and the focus on the future and unknown will nothing but gain importance.

Participants questioned how long it will take for these trends to materialise and overcome organisational inertia, how learning can be provided at the moment of need, how to move from applying knowledge to innovation, how to reduce the inequality that emerged throughout the pandemic or how to secure the social aspects of corporate learning.

Follow-up roundtables may get organised to dig deeper into select aspects and their implications for emergent capabilities and roles in corporate learning.

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