The Victoria Forum 2024: ‘Building Trust for a Shared Future’

Victoria Forum

The Forum de Victoria Forum is pleased to announce the 2024 Victoria Forum will take place from 25-27 August under the resonant theme “Building Trust for a Shared Future.” The Victoria Forum’s three-day lineup promises a rich diversity of topics, each designed to stimulate insightful discussions. Most sessions will take place on the University of…

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Can institutions engage with DeepTech? One business school launches a new studio to do exactly that

Momentum Studio

ESSEC Business School has launched Momentum Studio, the first “DeepTech for Good” Talent Studio created by a French business school. Momentum Studio aims to connect the worlds of research and entrepreneurship to develop business projects and startups that address social and environmental challenges using DeepTech. This interdisciplinary initiative was developed in collaboration with several major…

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Sharing best practice: Insights from Mercedes-Benz Group

Sbp mercedes benz

At the recent EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Group, Pirkko Erichsen, Head of Talent and Leadership Development Programs, Patrick Emmerich, Head of Leadership Programs L3-L4 & Global Leadership Nexus and Stephanie Leipold, Head of Skill-Management and Learning, provided a deep insight into their talent and organisation development practices. EFMD’s Martin Moehrle…

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Redefining entrepreneurship education: Deakin Business School’s consulting approach.

Entrepreneurship, Deakin Business School

Entrepreneurship transcends the initial stages of ideation and startup creation; it embodies a continuous cycle of opportunity assessment and strategic solution development. This cycle is crucial not only for startups but also for scaling up and fostering entrepreneurial growth within established businesses. Recognising this broader scope of entrepreneurship, Work-integrated learning (WIL) at Deakin’s Faculty of…

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Future-proofing careers in the age of AI

Trinity Business School, AI, Digitalisation

As digital skills prove increasingly important and industries across the board pivot towards a more technologically-intensive future, educators have rallied to prepare students for a changing business environment. We talk to experts about the digitally-focused world from Trinity Business School. Situated in the heart of Dublin, Ireland – a city coined the ‘silicon docks’ courtesy…

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Investing in a green business school campus

sustainable, green, sustainability

Business school leaders want to ensure that their campuses are more sustainable than ever before, and now the European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a financing loan worth over £51 million to business school INSEAD for its Europe Campus Reimagination, which seeks to create a more sustainable campus. Sustainable construction and renewable energy, including extracting…

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A path to internationalisation: Canary Islands Business School’s journey

Canary Islands

Living on an island has important considerations. As a fragmented territory, it Is much harder to establish communications with the rest of the world. An Ultraperipheral European island presents even greater challenges. The Canary Islands are farther away from Madrid than Rabat, Nouakchott, Dakar, or Banjul.  A distant, fragmented territory complicates and usually increases the…

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How business schools continue climate action after COP28


The need for concrete climate action has intensified during COP28, but how do business schools continuously contribute their efforts?  Business schools are keen to get involved at COP itself. For instance, the University of Sussex Business School co-hosted a Pavilion showcasing research and insights for economic decision-making in the Arctic, a vast area hugely affected…

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