EFMD launches Indian Business Council (EIBC) to drive strategic growth and engagement


We are pleased to announce the establishment of the EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC), underscoring our commitment to fostering inclusive decision-making, promoting local engagement, and achieving sustainable growth and impact in India. EFMD Global recognises the importance of local expertise and insight in guiding our operations and future strategies, especially in the context of India’s…

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EFMD launches EXIL: ‘sharing EXperiences in Integrating dispLaced students’


EXIL is a two-year Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership project designed to improve the inclusion of Ukrainian refugee students into European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). On 23 May 2024, the kick-off meeting for EXIL took place at Poznan University of Economics and Business. EFMD invites its members who have welcomed refugee students into their institution to get…

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Disrupting education: Micro-credentials for lifelong learning

Micro-credentials are becoming a more and more sought-after form of learning to incorporate at universities (Source). They often focus on distinct skills or knowledge areas and are completed in a shorter time frame. That makes them particularly attractive to professionals seeking to enhance their skills without the need to undertake lengthy studies. Recently, projects regarding…

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Empowering Educators: A journey into future-focused digital pedagogy

FFE digital

Embarking on a journey into the future of education, our programme, “Future-Focused Education,” is not just a course—it’s an interactive experience designed to transform the way educators approach teaching in the digital age. Tailored for all faculty members, regardless of their prior digital teaching experience, and specifically designed for a collaborative group of faculty from…

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Business school aspirants share four drivers for graduate management education

GMAC Prospective Students Survey

Prospective business school students aim to upgrade their skills while approaching their study, work—and life—with a purpose, according to an annual survey conducted and recently published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). With more than 15 years of survey responses representing all world regions, the GMAC Prospective Students Survey has provided the world’s graduate business schools…

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Three ways the education sector is innovating


Innovation is an important part of the education process. After all, this sector is largely responsible for shaping future minds, so educators and institutions must constantly seek new ways to deliver the best possible learning experience.  Embracing technology, in particular, has helped to keep schools and universities on the cutting edge, but it’s important not…

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La Poste Group’s École de la Banque et du Réseau, France, earns LIFT certification


France’s La Poste Group’s École de la Banque et du Réseau (EBR) becomes the third organisation to successfully complete EFMD’s Learning Impact For Today and Tomorrow (LIFT) Certification during its 2023 pilot year. The LIFT certification was created using inputs from over 30 organisations, including CLIP-accredited learning functions and EQUIS-accredited business schools.  2023 was its…

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EFMD frequently asked questions: Business school accreditations

EFMD business school accreditation

EFMD is pleased to introduce a new set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our business school accreditations. These FAQs aim to address common queries and provide valuable insights into the accreditation processes offered by EFMD. Accreditation by EFMD holds immense value for educational institutions and programmes seeking validation of their quality and commitment to…

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Call for Nominations to the EFMD Quality Services Committees

The EFMD Quality Services Team is inviting EFMD member schools and corporations to nominate potential members of the Quality Services Committees. Nominations are sought for members of the EQUIS Committee and the EQUIS Accreditation Board, the EFMD Programme Accreditation Committee and the EFMD Programme Accreditation Board, the EDAF Committee, and the EOCCS Certification Board. Members’…

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Subject areas to watch in 2023

subject areas

A new report from Studyportals identifies the subject areas where student interest is growing and where the global supply of programmes is lagging behind demand. The analysis in this report is based on two key metrics: Demand is expressed as pageviews on Studyportals generated by 52 million prospective students annually from 110 countries worldwide. Supply…

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