Business schools prepare to meet the next generation of leaders’ tech needs

Business schools, Technology, Leadership

What are institutions doing to meet the tech needs of future leaders? Business education PR experts Stephanie Mullins-Wiles and Jamie Hose from BlueSky Education find out more. Over half of business owners use artificial intelligence for customer service, cybersecurity, and fraud management, according to a Forbes Advisor survey. Inventory management, content production, and product recommendations…

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DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor obtains EOCCS re-certification

DOBA EOCCS online course

We are delighted to announce that the Research Methodology, Communication and Lobbying, and Creative Human Resource Management for Competitive Advantages courses offered by DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor have been awarded EOCCS re-certification.  Acknowledging the institution’s achievement, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented: “DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor’s…

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Can institutions engage with DeepTech? One business school launches a new studio to do exactly that

Momentum Studio

ESSEC Business School has launched Momentum Studio, the first “DeepTech for Good” Talent Studio created by a French business school. Momentum Studio aims to connect the worlds of research and entrepreneurship to develop business projects and startups that address social and environmental challenges using DeepTech. This interdisciplinary initiative was developed in collaboration with several major…

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Invitation for a new debate in WUEB International Doctoral Seminars series

Wroclaw Doctoral School

Invitation to the International Doctoral Seminars The Doctoral School of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB) is pleased to invite you to join the discussion in a series of International Doctoral Seminars which will be held online. Objectives: presentation of doctoral students’ research; creating an international forum of discussion between doctoral students and established…

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Sophia, the first robot citizen, speaks at business school event

artificial intelligence, ai

The University of Sussex Business School hosted the Festival of SustAInable Education earlier this month and featured a special speaker, the first robot citizen. The event explored the intersection of sustainability, artificial intelligence, and the future of education. Professor Gabriella Cagliesi, who directed the event, said: “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our distinguished guest speakers,…

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EFMD Marcomms Conference 2024: Transforming Business Schools: Technology, Trends and Responsibility

AI, EFMD Marcom Conference

As Business School Marcomms,  Alumni and External Relations professionals, we are all using or trying to use technology and generative AI, some probably more consciously than others. In doing so, we realise that just as Generative AI helps us to create content, understand data-driven trends, analyse social media trends and lifestyle patterns, and even decrease…

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Mastering the Twin Transition: Unveiling the secrets to success for businesses and MBA graduates

Twin Transition

In today’s fast-paced business world, the convergence of digital and green transitions is reshaping industries and challenging traditional norms. Understanding the complexities of this twin transition is crucial for companies and MBA graduates. It’s time to explore the dynamics of this transformation and its implications for the business landscape and education sector. Understanding the Twin…

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Empowering Educators: A journey into future-focused digital pedagogy

FFE digital

Embarking on a journey into the future of education, our programme, “Future-Focused Education,” is not just a course—it’s an interactive experience designed to transform the way educators approach teaching in the digital age. Tailored for all faculty members, regardless of their prior digital teaching experience, and specifically designed for a collaborative group of faculty from…

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Redefining entrepreneurship education: Deakin Business School’s consulting approach.

Entrepreneurship, Deakin Business School

Entrepreneurship transcends the initial stages of ideation and startup creation; it embodies a continuous cycle of opportunity assessment and strategic solution development. This cycle is crucial not only for startups but also for scaling up and fostering entrepreneurial growth within established businesses. Recognising this broader scope of entrepreneurship, Work-integrated learning (WIL) at Deakin’s Faculty of…

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Three ways the education sector is innovating


Innovation is an important part of the education process. After all, this sector is largely responsible for shaping future minds, so educators and institutions must constantly seek new ways to deliver the best possible learning experience.  Embracing technology, in particular, has helped to keep schools and universities on the cutting edge, but it’s important not…

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