How business schools bolster the healthcare sector

picture of hospital

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the difficulties and challenges global healthcare systems face have become more evident. Some business schools are addressing these challenges by offering business and management education aimed specifically at those working within the healthcare sector. Specialist PR consultants Stephanie Mullins and Kyle Grizzell from specialist public relations consultancy BlueSky…

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It’s time that African business schools stopped sitting on the side-lines

African business schools white paper

New research from Henley Business School Africa shows consensus among African business school deans that it’s time for business schools to step into a more activist leadership role – pushing for continental collaboration and change. There is no limit to the areas in which African business schools can widen their footprint, believes Jonathan Foster-Pedley, dean…

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Picking a specialised Master’s degree at business school rather than an MBA

MBAs have often been considered as the linchpin of a business school. PR experts Stephanie Mullins and Peter Remon from specialist public relations consultancy BlueSky Education explore how MBA programmes have been seen as some schools’ most attractive offering and regularly branded as the top choice programme undertaken by an aspiring leader. But is the attitude…

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Why stewardship is now at the forefront of business education

stewardship in education

Business schools play an important role in educating the leaders of our future, in fact, they are perfectly positioned to influence issues like sustainability. Business education PR experts Stephanie Mullins and Kate Mowbray from specialist consultancy BlueSky Education take a closer look at how graduates should become “stewards of the future of humanity and the earth”. …

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Why research for publication needs to become research for impact, with ESCP Business School’s Kamran Razmdoost

Kamran Razmdoost, Dean on research and publication

Kamran Razmdoost, Dean of ESCP Business School’s London Campus, asks whether it’s time to change our culture around research… here’s what he has to say: Business and management academics invest a big portion of their time and business schools’ money to do research and publish their findings. They publish thousands of articles every year in…

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Studying business in the Nordics

nordic business schools

Why are so many people seeking business education in the Nordics? PR experts Stephanie Mullins and Kyle Grizzell from specialist consultancy BlueSky Education explore further.  The Nordics are a geographical and cultural region situated within Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, including these five countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These five countries frequently…

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Business schools put ethics at the top of their agendas

A real commitment to ethics is evident across the business education sector. Stephanie Mullins and Jonny Stone from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore how schools are demonstrating this consistently. Infusing ethics into teaching is more than just a selling feature for Advantere School of Management. A Jesuit institution, Advantere’s focus on responsible leadership goes to the…

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