INSEAD’s renewed MBA curriculum leads the way in equipping future business leaders with skills to integrate social and environmental issues into decisions

INSEAD’s renewed MBA curriculum

INSEAD, the business school for the world, has announced the completion of its MBA curriculum review. The renewed MBA curriculum will embed sustainability into all 14 core courses and introduce a mandatory capstone challenging students to integrate sustainability learnings across all management areas. INSEAD prides itself on continuous innovation. By strengthening its flagship programme’s focus…

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What’s the difference between a PhD and a DBA at business school?

difference between a PhD and a DBA

The MBA is incredibly well-known throughout the business school world. Even those who haven’t worked in or studied business education might have heard references to celebrities or well-known business figures embarking on an MBA to further their business acumen. Yet, most people don’t seem to realise that becoming a Doctor in Business Administration is a…

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Business and war: Business lessons learned from the war in Ukraine

Business and War

KSE Graduate Business School, Kyiv, is launching a new international programme, Business and War, to share the experience Ukrainian business is living through right now due to war.  The program will cover the peculiarities of business management in conditions of unpredictability and leading processes and organizations in complex adverse conditions. It will be aimed at…

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Lockdowns might be history but online MBAs are here to stay

COVID-19 closed classrooms but applicants kept studying on and applying to MBA courses, prompting business schools to further develop their capacity for online teaching. Associate Director Stephanie Mullins and colleague Jamie Hose from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore eight business schools and their online or hybrid MBA programmes. Before the pandemic struck,…

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Entrepreneurship in Europe from KSE Graduate Business School


KSE Business School is a Ukrainian business school that focuses on assisting in Ukraine’s economic recovery by: Uniting government, business, associations, and universities. Supporting Ukrainian business local and abroad. Striving to preserve Ukrainian human capital during the war and develop Ukraine’s business environment post-war. Problems to solve by this project: Renewal of professional activity by…

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Eleven innovative business school scholarships

With many business schools keen to widen participation, communications experts Stephanie Mullins and Peter Remon from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore some of the most diverse scholarships offered in the industry.   Business education can be a significant investment of both time and money – and business schools don’t want that to deter candidates. With this in mind,…

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What do specialised MBA programmes look like today?

specialised m4a

MBAs remain the flagship programme at most business schools; now, Associate Director Stephanie Mullins and colleague Kyle Grizzell at specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education explore what can happen when you specialise the MBA using industry examples.  The Master’s in Business Administration – the recognisable MBA – has been the postgraduate degree most heavily associated with business schools…

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