2021 Executive Development Conference insights

executive development conference

EFMD’s 2021 Executive Development Conference ‘Reboot, Revitalise and Reimagine’ was again a great success with, at peaks, over 100 professionals from business schools, alternative providers and corporates participating. The conference provided intriguing insights to further develop the most effective methods in developing our human capital. With insights from three exciting and energising keynote sessions in…

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New EFMD Rendanheyi (RDHY) Certification scheme


EFMD is pleased to introduce the new corporate Rendanheyi (RDHY) Certification scheme as a joint initiative with Business Ecosystem Alliance (BEA) and Haier Model Research Institute (HMI). Rendanheyi is a management model for the Internet of Things (IoT) era, enabling organisations to thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. It follows principles…

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Insights on the CLIP framework series so far

learning function

How do you ensure that your Corporate Learning Function (CLF) is actively contributing to the strategy and business priorities of your organisation? How does its governance ensure the mandate, support and involvement of the business to successfully deliver? How does the CLF understand and segment its market? How does it meaningfully involve the business and…

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Insights from the Corporate Advisory Seminar on Agile Learning

cas agile learning

EFMD’s Special Interest Groups (SIG) are highly focused problem-driven learning groups that allow members of corporate learning organisations to mobilise the collective intelligence of the Learning & Development community to build solutions to common challenges. Over the past 18 months, EFMD, in partnership with London Business School, has led an Agile Learning SIG to explore…

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Impact of the Corporate Learning Function

CLIP impact

How can a Corporate Learning Function demonstrate the impact it has on the business and within its Organisation?  Can it demonstrate broader impact to its stakeholder network or even society at large? Impact of the Corporate Learning Function The Impact of the Corporate Learning Function is the final of the five chapters of EFMD’s CLIP…

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SIBUR Corporate University accredited by CLIP


Warm congratulations to SIBUR Corporate University for successfully completing the EFMD Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) and receiving CLIP accreditation. CLIP is a unique accreditation programme run by EFMD that focuses on identifying the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate universities and corporate learning functions. The process provides an impartial outside-in…

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The Corporate Learning Function’s Operating Model and Resources

Corporate Learning Function resources

How does a Corporate Learning Function (CLF) align itself to a continuously changing environment? How does it accelerate digital and informal learning? What distinct expertise does the corporate learning team have, and how representative is it of the organisation at large? How does the CLF manage its ecosystem of internal and external resources? The Corporate…

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The Offer of the Corporate Learning Function

CLIP Offer

How does a Corporate Learning Function (CLF) ensure that its offer optimally supports the business in the realisation of its ambitions? How does it meaningfully involve the business and learners in the design of its programmes, services and activities? The Corporate Learning Function’s Offer is the third of five chapters of EFMD’s CLIP framework for…

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The Corporate Learning Function’s Target Market

Corporate Learning Function's Target Market

How does a Corporate Learning Function (CLF) understand and segment its market? How does it interface with the various businesses and functions and connect with individual learners and their managers? How are learning needs identified and anticipated, top-down and bottom-up, and how quickly does the CLF respond to new or emerging needs? The Corporate Learning…

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