Successful EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop hosted by Faurecia

Learning at the heart of corporate transformation was the theme of our first EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop this year. On 22 March, 48 participants from 29 companies joined this event hosted by Faurecia University in their new Faurecia headquarters in Nanterre, after having informally gathered the night before.

The workshop focused on the evolution of the learning function from a strategy enabler to a transformation agent. Thanks to this transition, learning moves from being a stand-alone function to becoming an integral element of deep organizational change. Learning thus implies many interdependencies with other functions such as corporate strategy, communications, innovation and R&D.

David Jestaz and Elise Bruchet kicked off the day with deep diving into the Faurecia case. The transformation initiative All Faurecians on board targets at all 115,000 employees in over 300 industrial sites around the world. Employees are engaged through communication and learning including social communities. They reflect and prepare for a dramatically changing client system. Participants were impressed by the breadth and depth of engagement through this program, and by the optimistic view, that transformation is not seen as a threat but as an opportunity.

Martin Moehrle, Director of Corporate Services at EFMD, then introduced five action areas for corporate learning in order to become a driver of digital business transformation. He explained which capabilities and tools will be required (see figure).

At the subsequent panel discussion, three additional cases got presented by Nicolas Rolland (Engie), Sarah Otley (Capgemini) and Rosi Torriani (Parker Hannifin). They explained how their learning function became instrumental in accelerating corporate transformation. These cases demonstrated many different facets of transformation and proved that each case is context-specific and unique.

Following this input, the remainder of the workshop was highly interactive. Participants discussed at their tables the experience they have made with learning as a driver of corporate transformation. In the afternoon session, the participants engaged at their tables in a design thinking session, whereby they were asked to create a Transformer Box for Faurecia leaders to learn to better manage paradoxes. The eight creative solutions that got developed will be used by Faurecia University to finalise such tools for real-time application. Participants left inspired by the many opportunities for corporate learning to add value to their organizations, looking forward to the next Sharing Best Practice workshop to be hosted by Santander in Madrid on October 18.