EDP’s ‘Global Development Mindset’ featured at EFMD’s Sharing Best Practice workshop


On 24 November, we ran our third and last EFMD Sharing Best Practice (SBP) workshop in 2023, this time in partnership with our member EDP, featuring the design and implementation of its “Global Development Mindset.”

EDP is a major player in the energy industry with the ambition to be 100% green by 2040 and with strong international growth, being now present in 29 markets. To lead this energy transition, EDP launched an integrated people management framework to replace all legacy models used within the group, thereby elevating global alignment and transparency and significantly improving the employee experience.

João Verdelho, EDP’s head of Global People Strategy & Talent Management, shared the origins and the rationale of this initiative and how the framework got rolled out. This fresh approach considers individuals’ past performance, current skills, and future agility to address business challenges. It is supported by an engaging environment that is conducive to learning opportunities and constructive feedback discussions.

Strategic transformation

The implementation was a major change management effort, with a strong communication stream for employees and managers alike. Survey results were very encouraging after applying this holistic employee assessment for the first time. Success factors were a strong involvement of top management and a now much clearer link between performance management, talent management and development.

There are quite a few areas that require follow-up, such as raising employees’ self-awareness and managers’ ability to address low performance and have great development conversations. EDP will monitor the process closely to be fair, equitable and free of bias.

A lively discussion followed the presentation, with a high level of appreciation for EDP’s holistic approach and willingness to entirely transform employees’ development experience.

Highlights and materials from this workshop are available in the Corporate Digital Library.

EFMD company members can request free access to this library if they have not yet done so. Guests from other companies can ask for temporary access by contacting Natalie Altincizme.

Save the date! Our next Sharing Best Practice Workshop for corporate members and invited guests will take place on 22 March 2024, hosted by Siemens. 

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