EFMD Sharing Best Practice workshop in partnership with Santander

Santander Badge System

On 21 October, the Sharing Best Practice CLIP Workshop met online with Grupo Santander to discuss micro-credentials and badges. Martin Moehrle, Director of Corporate Services & CLIP, provides an overview of the event.

As part of the ‘skills movement’ that we can witness globally, there is quite some buzz about micro-credentials and badges as a means to acknowledge skills, foster portability of skills across jobs, and hence, to facilitate professional careers in a dynamic context.

In this workshop for corporate learning professionals, Grupo Santander’s Liliana Meneses, Daniel Porras and Chema Garcia presented their skills-based learning and badge framework for the acceleration of Santander’s transformation into an open financial services platform.

The Santander Badge System focuses on select strategic business challenges the realisation of which demands a certain up- or reskilling. Santander doesn’t make such upskilling mandatory but rather attractive through badges, thus appealing to a learner’s motivation to grow in line with market and business demands and promoting a pull model of learning. A learner can foster his/ her employability by getting a badge as a verified digital credential for achieving a defined skill level. Thereby, the interests of learners get aligned with strategic requirements. As a use case, the 12-17 months long upskilling programme for product owners and tribe leads in Santander’s Corporate and Investment Bank got presented. These roles are key for the new ways of working in this division.

So far, Santander has developed 34 different badges in four categories: knowledge, skills, culture, and role/ job. More than 42,000 credentials got awarded to more than 21,000 learners. 25% of them published their badge on social media via the Credly platform.

The workshop participants could share their experience with badges and discuss the Santander approach in breakout sessions. Back in plenary, remaining questions got answered and lessons learned shared by the Santander colleagues, who got congratulated on being one of the first companies to design and implement a comprehensive badge system.

The recording and materials from this workshop are available in the Corporate Digital Library.

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