The Growth Drivers of Master’s Level Business and Management Degrees in Europe

Graduates with a master's degree in business field in Europe

2019 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Bologna Declaration, which has been transformative in increasing compatibility and comparability of the systems of higher education in Europe and accelerating the mobility of learners. As the Bologna process was unfolding and streamlining various structural and qualitative dimensions, the master’s degree was also growing in its popularity. For example,…

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Our shared future in the wake of a global pandemic: impact on economic, social and environmental divides

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a broad and long-lasting impact on our economies, health care systems, social systems, the environment and business operations. While the virus has demonstrated our global inter-connectedness, existing divides are becoming starker and isolationism is growing. The future is uncertain, which itself creates new levels of anxiety and mental health challenges.…

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Check your privilege to keep your privilege in check

Smaranda Boroş, Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, at Vlerick Business School, Belgium, reflects on the current situation. I am an absolute loner. I admit that most of the time I am enjoying this reclusive period in my life. But as more and more time passes in solitary confinement, I understand better and better why prison is…

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A new world of work means a new world for business schools

In the second of our See the Future blogs, Ian Hawkings, Senior Consultant at CarringtonCrisp, tackles trends in the world of work. A 2015 article in The Guardian listed five ways in which working life would change in the future. It mentioned the rise of AI, the flattening of workplace structures and how more companies…

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See the Future Series

A few years ago, CarringtonCrisp did some work for ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens and at the time they gave me a luggage tag, which has been on my rucksack ever since, with the words ‘Business unusual’.  At the time, this was a bold claim, but today nothing could be more true. In mid-November…

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What future for the MBA?

The 2020 Tomorrow’s MBA report from CarringtonCrisp and EFMD suggests that the MBA market will be different from the previous decade. Stories still persist about the decline of the MBA, but the demand for postgraduate and lifelong learning will only grow in coming years as people have to reskill and upskill to build their careers. The…

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Edtech in business schools and how to promote it

Prendo simulations

The business education sector is a hub for innovation, but how can schools best share their progress? Account Director Stephanie Mullins, from specialist business education PR consultancy BlueSky Education, shares her thoughts.  Across the globe, business schools have been introducing technology into their programmes in order to meet the educational needs of students, destined for an…

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What’s next for business education?

See the Future study

Making predictions about the future is never easy. Six years ago, Donald Trump was best known as a TV celebrity. At the same time, CarringtonCrisp worked with EFMD to run the See the Future project for the first time, looking at where business education might be heading. The introduction to the first ‘See the Future’…

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The Future of Work: Remote Companies

I started to work on a remote team in 2011. My boss, the project manager, just moved back to the US. Great, I thought. The first project manager quit to follow his partner to the UK. The second one moves to the other side of the world, leaving me –  a junior researcher – to…

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