New Masters programme focuses on entrepreneurship in practice


Many business school leaders want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs create sustainable, successful companies, and some institutions are even launching specific programmes to do just this.

Take the University of Bradford School of Management in the UK as an example, which has just announced it will launch a new MSc Entrepreneurship in Practice. The programme’s motto is “Entrepreneurship for Real”.

Vadim Grinevich, course director, says: “The MSc is innovative and special in many ways and provides bespoke one-to-one mentorship support throughout the course of the study. Our state-of-the-art Enterprise Simulation Lab puts entrepreneurial knowledge and skills into practice in a safe environment. It also accommodates aspirations of both for-profit and socially oriented entrepreneurs, as well as those from diverse backgrounds.

“The course also helps grasp entrepreneurial opportunities associated with digitalisation, artificial intelligence and sustainability and provides a gateway to local, national, and international entrepreneurial networks.”

Paving the way for future business leaders

The programme provides support from the point of admission, throughout study, and after graduation by proposing a road map for a successful entrepreneurial career. It caters for individuals at different points on their entrepreneurial journey and different types of entrepreneurship across different sectors and missions, including for-profit and social/hybrid enterprises.

Professor Sankar Sivarajah, Dean of the University of Bradford School of Management, says: “I’m proud that we’re unveiling our new masters, Entrepreneurship in Practice, as it reinforces our history of innovation in education for business leaders just as we’re celebrating our 60-year history.

“This innovative programme reflects our commitment to shaping future global business leaders and entrepreneurs who will champion responsible business and management practices. Our curriculum, informed by industry insights and academic excellence, will enable our students to start, grow and develop successful businesses of their own. They will be placed at the cutting edge of entrepreneurial opportunities associated with digitalisation, artificial intelligence and sustainability.

“The diverse multi-experience, multi-background cohort that will become your peer-support network for life, a unique experience of being part of a Triple-Crown accredited business school.”

The first class of the MSc Entrepreneurship in Practice will take place in September 2024. More detailed information on how to apply can be found on the programme’s website.

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