Enduring Positive Impact: Three Schools Renew BSIS Label

Three Schools Renew the BSIS Label

We are delighted to announce that Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University; the American University in Cairo School of Business; and Kozminski University have completed the Business School Impact System (BSIS) and renewed their BSIS labels.

François Bonvalet, Director of BSIS, commented, ‘Congratulations on renewing the BSIS label! Your commitment to driving positive impact within your respective regions through research, education, and engagement with the community is truly commendable. We celebrate your accomplishment and look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact.’

Sobey School of Business

The oldest and largest business school in Atlantic Canada, Sobey School of Business (SSB) has a strong focus on international collaborations, entrepreneurship, and research offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to 7,000 students. The school bolsters active learning and knowledge mobilisation to prepare leaders for sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities.

SSB commands a significant regional presence, making a powerful societal and intellectual impact within the Nova Scotia community. A remarkable 94% of its faculty are actively engaged in research, resulting in 223 journal papers published across 173 different journals. Notably, SSB directs special attention to the region’s specific needs, aligning research topics with local issues of national and global relevance, and fostering research partnerships with local companies and organisations. Likewise, the school has a growing reputation as a business school that is recognised for its societal impact. Remarkable achievements in this area include the growing impact of its societal research and the 40% reduction of the University’s carbon emissions.

‘Saint Mary’s University is known for its research that addresses real-world problems and for our strong partnerships with local businesses and communities. The BSIS designation demonstrates the role of the Sobey School in fulfilling these key strategic priorities for the University’ said Rob Summerby-Murray, President, Saint Mary’s University.

American University in Cairo

AUC School of Business is the second largest school within the American University in Cairo (AUC) and it is recognised for its expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation, economic development, and responsible business. Established in 1919, the university has grown to become a prominent centre for learning and research in the Middle East offering education rooted in liberal arts in a cross-cultural environment.

AUC is highly recognized in Egypt and the MENA region for its positive impact, as showcased by the latest BSIS assessment. Its graduates are highly regarded by multinational corporations, leading companies, government organizations, and civil society institutions, attributing their strengths to AUC’s liberal arts and practice-oriented education. Reinforcing its educational impact, the school actively engages corporate partners to provide students with practical work experience. Likewise, AUC’s Executive Education is considered the gold standard in the region, featuring a relevant curriculum and the expertise of distinguished scholars and practitioners. Contributing to knowledge creation, the business school places increasing importance on impact-driven academic and managerial research, going beyond standard metrics to embrace tangible outcomes and influences.

‘The BSIS framework is an effective and practical tool that enables schools to measure and assess their impact within their served region(s). The school’s BSIS label in 2019 was an eye-opener in helping to highlight and understand the parameters and quantify the impact our school has on its ecosystem both on and off campus. During the preparation for the renewal of the BSIS label, the school focused on its impact in several dimensions and its positioning within the impact zone and internationally. The external views from the BSIS experts were informative and insightful as the school continues its journey of improving the value it creates for its students and learners and expands its impact,’ commented Sherif Kamel, Dean, School of Business, The American University in Cairo.

Kozminski University

Kozminski University (KU), a renowned private university in Poland, boasts a rich history and a vast network of 50,000 alumni. As a versatile business school, it provides comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs grounded on internationalisation and practical experience. KU’s mission revolves around empowering stakeholders to confront modern challenges through their entrepreneurial expertise, focused on sustainability, digital transformation, and ethical leadership.

KU’s positive impact in Warsaw and the surrounding region is vast. KU is a reference hub for CSR in Poland. Its commitment to sustainability is visible at all levels of its activities, particularly in its partnerships and initiatives, and its interdisciplinary teaching approach that provides a real strength to CSR concerns. KU plays a vital role at the national level, acting as a key enabler that prepares and empowers Polish society to confront its pressing societal challenges in alignment with the United Nations Global Goals.

About BSIS

The Business School Impact System (BSIS) scheme is designed to determine the extent of a school’s impact on its local environment – the city or region in which it is located. The BSIS process is offered in collaboration between EFMD Global and FNEGE (Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement en Gestion des Entreprises), as a service to EFMD members in any part of the world. The impact of the business school is analysed based on the following seven areas of impact: financial, educational, business development impact as well as intellectual, societal, image, and impact within the impact zone selected by the school and its regional ecosystem.

There are currently 62 schools across 19 countries that have received the BSIS label.

To learn more about the impact assessment system, please visit the BSIS website or contact julie.comte@efmdglobal.org.

BSIS was launched ten years ago and has come a long way. Learn more about recent changes with the appointment of a new Director and the establishment of a Steering Committee.