Unleashing societal and image impact: A glimpse into Kozminski University’s journey through BSIS Reassessment

Kozminski University campus

The transformative journey of an institution is marked by not just its academic endeavours but also its commitment to societal development and the image it projects to the world. At Kozminski University (KU), we found these dimensions intertwined in a symbiotic manner. Our experiences with the BSIS assessment and recent reassessment processes accentuated this perspective.

Impactful societal contributions have always been KU’s cornerstone (reflected in, for example, Kozminski Decalogue), but BSIS allowed us to enhance, narrate, and strategise these efforts. For the reassessment process, we have specifically chosen to focus on two areas in which we believe not only progressed the most but also received recommendations from the BSIS experts. Below I will show the recent developments in these two areas that were inspired by the BSIS process.

Strategising Societal Impact:

In recent years, KU introduced pivotal roles to support societal impact, like the Vice-rector for ESR and internationalisation, Rector’s proxy for sustainable development and impact manager. Together with KU’s various stakeholders, we have developed strategic documents focused on impact. For example, our Sustainability Transition Strategy, centred around chosen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), provided a clearer vision for KU’s future impact.

KU’s commitment was further emphasised with the launch of an accessibility strategy, supporting members with special needs. We have also developed Gender Equality Plan that helps us to better understand gendered barriers and support diversity throughout the school. Finally, impact has become an integral part of KU’s strategy and has become an integral aspect woven into KU’s operations.

Image Impact: Communicating KU’s Transformative Journey

In the digital age, effective communication is vital. Hence, KU prioritised communicating its impactful initiatives to a diverse audience. Our collaboration with ProScience, a PR agency specialising in research dissemination, facilitated this. Their expertise transformed academic research into compelling stories for society, making KU faculty regulars in debates, media interviews, and public discussions. A testament to this is KU’s media presence in 2021, contributing a staggering 239 million reach.

It is crucial for us to bring social value through these communications.

Our marketing narratives emphasise KU’s deep-rooted connection with Warsaw and Poland. Campaigns like “Study in Warsaw” and “Set sail to Poland and start your business career” not only bolster KU’s appeal but also spotlight Warsaw and Poland as academic and professional hubs. Furthermore, initiatives like “Poland, Warsaw, Kozminski – A place of Opportunity” emphasise KU as a beacon for international students.

But at KU, we’re not limited to traditional narratives. For instance, our extensive support for Ukraine, especially the #StandUpForUkraine campaign, is not only a societal boon but also an inspiration for peer institutions.

KU’s Global Recognition

These initiatives have led to various recognitions, for example:

  • Recognition in the 2020 Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools.
  • Triple E Awards acknowledgement for continuous support to the Ukrainian community.
  • Joining the Responsible Research in Business and Management Network (RRBM) in 2021.
  • Membership in the Consortium of Socially Responsible Universities in Poland.
  • Recognition in the 2022 Times Higher Education Impact Rating.

KU’s BSIS reassessment journey is a testament to our commitment to societal development and global visibility. We are grateful for the BSIS framework, which offers an avenue to introspect, innovate, and impact.