Elevate your learning function with LIFT: Learning Impact for Today and Tomorrow


The past few years have accelerated the evolution of learning. During the pandemic, learning functions mobilised to transform face-to-face learning to synchronous or asynchronous virtual delivery. And while face-to-face will remain part of the learning portfolio, advances in digital as well as new ways of working have learning functions rethinking the what and how of their offers, whether they be delivered physically, virtually or in hybrid modalities.

With all of these changes, it is more important than ever to ensure the impact of learning solutions can be measured. Either to demonstrate the results learning delivers to stakeholders, to underline the effectiveness of new learning approaches compared to previous solutions or both. This is one of the reasons that the EFMD has developed the LIFT, Learning Impact for Today and Tomorrow certification. This allows learning functions to:

  • validate how they approach measuring learning impact,
  • confirm impact already delivered to the Organisation/Business, its Learners and Society at Large, and
  • gain insights into how they can further mature.

The process is composed of four phases.

1. The application phase where the Learning Function provides information on their organisation and themselves.

2. A self-assessment phase where the learning function generates a report to detail how they:

  • approach measuring the impact of their services,
  • involve their stakeholders in it,
  • report on impact and
  • have applied their approach through 3-5 use-case examples.

3. A virtual review organised with an EFMD Peer Review team. This is the opportunity for the learning function to bring their case to life through interactive discussion between their stakeholders and the reviewers.

4. A Peer Review Report will be generated by the EFMD that includes a Learning Impact Dashboard that will:

  • highlight how well they have approached impact,
  • confirm what they have delivered and
  • provide insights for them to further develop and mature their approach.

Drawing on the EFMD’s extensive experience in Corporate Learning accreditations, it has developed LIFT using a design thinking approach involving a core team of experts and practitioners as well as reviews and inputs from over 30 organisations. The certification is now ready to be piloted in a win/win mode: pilot organisations will receive a LIFT certification, and the EFMD will receive further inputs and feedback to refine the LIFT before its official launch.

If your learning organisation would like to know more about LIFT or volunteer to be a potential pilot organisation, please contact Shanshan Ge.

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