New EFMD Rendanheyi (RDHY) Certification scheme


EFMD is pleased to introduce the new corporate Rendanheyi (RDHY) Certification scheme as a joint initiative with Business Ecosystem Alliance (BEA) and Haier Model Research Institute (HMI).

Rendanheyi is a management model for the Internet of Things (IoT) era, enabling organisations to thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. It follows principles such as ‘zero distance to users’, ‘decentralisation and autonomy’, and ‘human value maximisation’. Literally, Ren refers to employees; Dan refers to user value; HeYi refers to the integration of employees’ value realisation and users’ value creation. Its innovative outlook, pioneered by the Haier Group, suits modern management of the 21st-century network organisation. Its versatility and inclusiveness have earned it many adopters across companies worldwide. Rendanheyi is not a prescriptive model such as SCRUM or TQM, but rather a set of principles that allow for many ways to implement.

EFMD’s RDHY certification center, home of the new certification scheme for management innovation, was officially inaugurated by Eric Cornuel at the OpenTalk 2021 conference with about 700 online participants (Inauguration Ceremony of the Global RDHY Certification Center – YouTube).

EFMD RDHY Certification is open for any organisation transforming into a self-organizing system that unlocks the talent of every individual, aiming to create life-long users and steady revenue streams, and eventually shared value for all stakeholders.

RDHY assesses organisations along the two dimensions of the RDHY Scorecard: self-organisation capabilities and value-expansion capabilities, the one focusing on organisational practices and the other on going-to-market practices. The assessment follows the proven EFMD approach of self-assessment followed by an outside-in review by experts in the field. Receiving this certificate means that the organisation is transforming into an ecosystem organisation adapted to thrive in the IoT era.

The assessment identifies strengths and areas of focus as well as recommendations for the way forward. It locates certification candidates on the RDHY matrix as being either an explorer, a challenger that advances on the self-organisation dimension, an innovator that advances on the value-expansion dimension, or a leader.

RDHY framework

RDHY Framework

RDHY assessment benefits

Going through the RDHY Certification process offers the following benefits:

  • an unbiased outside-in view on the organisation’s transformation journey;
  • internal credibility for its management innovation, especially if the transformation is a bottom-up initiative;
  • access to a community of like-minded ‘transformers’.

Learn more and apply

If Rendanheyi is a new concept for you and you would like to learn more, visit the Business Ecosystem Alliance website and the Haier Model Research Institute website for more information. You may also learn more and apply for the RDHY certification on the EFMD website.

This assessment complements EFMD’s portfolio of accreditation and certification schemes which are comprised of BSIS, CLIP, EDAF, EFMD Accredited, EOCCS, EQUIS and SLR.