Innovation in Leadership Webinars

During the three upcoming months, starting with April 2019, we are delighted to e-meet you at our webinars dedicated to the outcomes of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on Innovations in Leadership.

SIGs are launched by the EFMD to take a fresh look at next practices in learning and talent development. Many organisations ponder what makes leaders effective and what kind of leadership development will deliver the leaders of tomorrow. That is why in 2018, EFMD launched a SIG on Innovations in Leadership.

The EFMD Innovation in Leadership Special Interest Group has brought together 12 companies, alongside the sponsor and a subject matter expert, HULT International Business School.

La Baloise, Barry Callebout, Bayer, Engie, Essilor, Naturgy, Nokia, Repsol, Siemens, SwissRe, L’Oréal and UBS have, since their first convention, accumulated valuable knowledge, plentiful ideas and novel best practices. The group of companies defined and agreed on eight beliefs that act as the building blocks for effective leadership development. These beliefs are supported by an intense literature review and exemplified with numerous company cases.

Good leaders matter

The webinars target learning professionals from both companies and L&D providers. Be it business schools, executives centres or consultancies.

Join us for a conversation that will touch on everything from dealing with the challenges of disruption and competition, setting long-term strategies to implementing innovative practices.

Get professionally inspired

The three webinars will shed light on the outcomes of the Innovation in Leadership Group. The three sessions will be moderated by Nigel Paine, an expert in learning leadership and technology.

The motto of the first webinar is “The only way for organisations to cope with disruption, digital transformation and uncertainty is to refocus their leadership philosophy”. The first webinar takes place on 29 April. Joel Casse, the Global Head Leadership Development at Nokia, will share his insights during the first session.

The other two webinars will take a look at how the defined eight beliefs created coherence across the partner companies in the SIG and how they helped to clarify innovations brought by each company.

In the second webinar on 16 May, you will engage in two case studies:

Case Study One: A Need to change leadership mindsets in L’Oréal

Speaker: David Arnera

Case Study Two: Empowering leaders, building peer-to-peer learning in Bayer

Speaker: Susan Francis

In the third webinar on 4 June, you will hear reports from another two case studies:

Case Study One: Developing our top leaders for the digital age at la Baloise

Speaker: Achim Wolter

Case Study Two: Building a new leadership ecosystem in Siemens

Speaker: Volker Rosen

All webinars are free of cost but require registration in advance. Learn more on the EFMD event webpage and we look forward to inspiring you!