Transforming the Practice of Learning and Leveraging Partnerships

Reflections on the 2019 EFMD Executive Education Conference by the conference Chair, Africa Ariño, Professor of Strategic Management, IESE Business School. The current landscape of business education calls for a transformation in the practice of learning. No single institution can undertake such a transformation on its own. To achieve it, leveraging partnerships is of the essence.…

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Thinking Critically on School Leadership and a Shared Sense-Making Process


By Sherry Ganon-Shilon, winner of the 2018 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the category “Educational Leadership and Strategy” with her thesis titled Exploring School Principals’ Sense-Making of Their Leadership Role within the National Reform ‘Courage to Change’ Warren Bennis defined LEADERSHIP as the capacity to translate vision into reality. Is this definition relevant to…

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2019 Executive Development Conference


You are warmly invited to register online for the 2019 EFMD Executive Development Conference hosted by IESE Business School, University of Navarra in partnership with Grupo Santander on 11-13 November 2019 in Barcelona (Spain). The 2019 conference theme is: Transforming the Practice of Learning: Leveraging Partnerships The need for learning is evolving. What was once a need at a moment in time is…

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The EFMD GN Executive Academy

Addressing the professional development gap for future Business School leaders For a few years, with my colleagues in the industry, we have been discussing the gap in professional development for future leaders in business education. We came to the following conclusion: educational programmes for Deans, professors and even for researchers existed, yet there was no…

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The University Forum for HRD 20th Anniversary Celebratory Conference 24 – 26 June 2019

‘From Robin Hood to the digital era: HRD as a driver for future creativity, innovation and change’ Nottingham Business School is delighted to invite you to attend the UFHRD 2019 Annual Anniversary International conference. The conference is supported by the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD) and the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD).…

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Getting Executive Education right – the right provider, the right budget, the right result

The Executive Education Service Pack (ExEd Service Pack) is the first independent and objective analysis of the Executive Education market, coupled with a unique database that gives access to more than 100 speakers/faculty staff/coaches who work as an adjunct, affiliate or freelance for the top business schools worldwide. The 90-page report provides a market overview…

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