EFMD launches Indian Business Council (EIBC) to drive strategic growth and engagement


We are pleased to announce the establishment of the EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC), underscoring our commitment to fostering inclusive decision-making, promoting local engagement, and achieving sustainable growth and impact in India.

EFMD Global recognises the importance of local expertise and insight in guiding our operations and future strategies, especially in the context of India’s diverse culture, economy, and regulatory higher education environment. To ensure that we remain responsive, relevant and engaged in the Indian higher education market, we have established the EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC).


EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC)

“The creation of the Indian Business Council as an advisory body will play a pivotal role in guiding EFMD’s strategic initiatives, ensuring our efforts resonate deeply within the vibrant Indian market,” said Eric Cornuel, President of EFMD Global. “We envision a future where Indian Business Schools achieve global recognition and contribute significantly to the advancement of management education and practice worldwide.”

The EIBC will serve as a consultative body, providing strategic advice, insights, and recommendations to the executive leadership team of EFMD Global. Its primary objectives include:

  • Providing guidance on market trends, consumer behaviour, and cultural nuances in India.
  • Offering insights into regulatory, legal, and compliance matters relevant to our operations in India.
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of strategies tailored to the Indian market.
  • Enhancing stakeholder engagement and fostering relationships with key partners, stakeholders, and communities in India.
  • Advising on corporate social responsibility initiatives that align with the needs and priorities of Indian society.

Alfons Sauquet, Director EFMD Quality Services & EQUIS, Eric Cornuel, EFMD President, Nishit Jain, Special Advisor, EFMD Global Network Asia, Barbara Sporn, Director, EFMD Programme Accreditation

The Chairman of the council is the President of EFMD, who will be supported by two Vice-Chairs and one General Secretary.

  • Chairman: Eric Cornuel
  • Vice Chair India: Rajendra Srivastav
  • Vice Chair Global: Alfons Sauquet
  • General Secretary: Nishit Jain

Founding Members of the EFMD Indian Business Council (EIBC)

The founding members of the Council and the schools they lead are:

The EIBC will play a crucial role in providing strategic guidance and counsel to EFMD going forward and we thank you all of the new Council members for their enthusiasm and engagement on this vital initiative. The knowledge, wisdom, and expertise of the Council will be invaluable as we jointly navigate the opportunities and challenges of this diverse and rapidly evolving market.

For more information, please contact Nishit Jain.

For additional insights, trends and perspectives about Business Education in India, visit the conversation here.

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  1. DR RAMESH RAJ AYER on June 26, 2024 at 07:19

    Congratulations Nishit, a wonderful initiative from EFMD!

    Our best wishes for the success of EIBC.
    Is the membership of the council on invitation or can a business school from India join it?


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