The Sixth Global Conference on Creating Value

creating value

The University of Maryland’s (UMD’s) Robert H. Smith School of Business and the Creating Value Alliance are proud to invite you to the Sixth Global Conference on Creating Value that will take place on UMD’s College Park campus from 19-21 October 2023.

In the Sixth Global Conference on Creating Value, business leaders, practitioners and leading academics from around the world will come together to exchange views and to share and learn from each other regarding the problems, the potential, and the real-life uses of value creation, and how it can transform management, organisations, and institutions.

The conference will provide relaxed, meaningful, and purposeful opportunities to talk about the latest thinking on value creation and service for improving the worth of companies, their longevity, their ability to be ahead of and tackle disruptive forces, and to embed a value creation leadership style going far beyond traditional and functional management so as to engender a value creation mindset and avoiding value destruction in the future.

There will be three notable keynote speakers, including Phil Kotler on value creation in business, V. Kumar on organisational principles and Roland Rust on managing in the next generation of AI.

Some primary topics to be discussed include:

  • Conceptual Design Value: Application of Major Product Connection Aspects to Industrial Masks
  • Metaverse and Sustainability: A General Overview
  • Creating Value Through a More Feminine Organizational Culture
  • Creating a Culture of Peace for Eradicating Violence Against Women: A Case Study About CSR Policy in a Leading Peruvian Company
  • How ChatGPT Helps Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Investor’s Behaviors, Momentum Effects and Price Efficiency in Nepali Stock Market
  • Sustainable TOURISM: The Win-Win-Win Papakonstantinidis Value-Added
  • Challenges Faced by Family-Owned Education Institutions in Nepal in Implementing Effective Succession Planning Strategies
  • Consideration of Service Exchange and Value Co-Creation in Ethical Consumption

In addition, other speakers will cover various topics during the event, including business values, successful leadership, education, organisational culture, building teams, micro-innovators, driving sustained customer value, and more.

All events will be held in Van Munching Hall in the same wing. There will be a shuttle from the hotel to the location.

Registration Cost: $500

More details are available on the conference website and at