The future of AI programmes

artificial intelligence report - the future of ai programmes

Universities play a critical role in shaping the future of technology and society. By offering programmes like Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other related subdisciplines, they can help prepare students to succeed in the industries of the future. But while the buzz around Artificial Intelligence applications like Chat GPT becomes louder, demand for AI degree programmes is outstripping supply.

Universities have been quick to establish standalone degrees in AI or incorporate AI courses into existing programs. Additionally, universities are partnering with industry leaders to provide students with hands-on experience in the field, through internships and research opportunities.

However, the pace of change in the AI industry is rapid, and it can be challenging for universities to keep up. There is a shortage of artificial intelligence (AI) professionals in higher education. As the demand for AI expertise is growing rapidly, and there is a limited pool of qualified individuals with the necessary skills and experience to fill these roles.

Unsurprisingly, demand for degree courses in AI-related fields is surging. Adapting to this anticipated growth will likely be a challenge for many educational institutions across the globe.

This report from Studyportals looks at mismatches in the supply of and demand for Artificial Intelligence courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Higher education professionals should be aware of where the strongest demand for AI education is coming from, as well as where the most AI courses are being offered. This can give universities an idea of the future growth potential of AI and the demand for AI skills across different subjects and industries.

There is 3.4 times as much interest in Artificial Intelligence courses on Studyportals as there are programmes currently available.

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