Woxsen University unfolded: Bridging academic and corporate alignments, internationalisation, and social impact

woxsen university unfolded

Hyderabad, India – Woxsen University proudly announces its outstanding accomplishments between 2022 and 2023, focusing on academic and corporate alignments, internationalisation, and social impact.

woxsen university leadershipUnfolding the academic Corporate Alignment at Woxsen University, the institution has successfully conducted 14 business talks and established affiliations with 12 corporates for its Centers of Excellence (COEs). Moreover, it has undertaken 14 knowledge transfer projects translating into a grossing of INR 1.5. crores, and resulting in the appointment of 38 Clinical Professors of Practice, 47 Professors of Practice, and several Industrial Chair Professorships. The Executive Fellows program has welcomed 280+ participants, further strengthening the institution’s Executive and Research Services (ERS).

Woxsen University has also devoted its efforts to social impact activities, covering 14 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 35+ activities, involving more than 1,000 students and 50 faculty members, and collaborating with six schools. The institution has undoubtedly changed many lives and aims to keep it as a work in progress.

In line with its global outlook, Woxsen University has unfolded its internationalisation program by conducting 150+ international sessions and partnering with 110+ academic and 25+ corporate institutions worldwide. Its 15+ international advisory boards and joint collaborative global projects have further broadened its academic and research opportunities. Woxsen University’s international professors have published 80+ high-quality international publications in ABDC-A*, A, SCI, Scopues Q1 and IEEE Transactions, touching countless lives globally.

woxsen university“We take pride in our academic and research initiatives, corporate affiliations, and international partnerships. We believe in creating value through a comprehensive, innovative, and sustainable approach, addressing the needs of our society and beyond. At Woxsen University, we make sure our students, faculty, and stakeholders thrive in a globally competitive environment,” said Dr Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President, Woxsen University.

Woxsen University remains committed to providing quality education, research, and impactful outreach, reinforcing its standing as a leading institution in India and globally. Its achievements in the past year have set an exemplary benchmark for academic and corporate alignments, internationalisation, and social impact.