GRLI Courageous Conversation

GRLI Courageous Conversation

Woxsen University & Rhodes Business School, in association with GRLI, will be organising the “GRLI Courageous Conversation”, a platform to discuss the “untouchable” topics concerning the Global South.

For decades, the various challenges encompassing schools and varsities at different points of the planet have set a paradigm shift.

Universities in developed countries face a variety of challenges, including maintaining their competitiveness in a globalised economy, adapting to rapidly changing technology, and addressing the rising cost of higher education. These challenges often involve finding new sources of funding and implementing innovative teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of students. Additionally, developed countries’ universities also face the challenge of ensuring that their graduates are prepared for the workforce and can compete in a global marketplace.

GRLI Courageous Conversation

In contrast, universities in developing countries often face different and more pressing challenges, such as inadequate funding, a lack of trained faculty, and poor infrastructure. These universities may also struggle to attract and retain students, as many lack the resources and opportunities available at universities in developed countries. To address these challenges, universities in developing countries may focus on strengthening partnerships with other institutions, leveraging technology to improve access to education, and investing in faculty development programmes. Additionally, they may also have to work with the government to lobby for more funding, policy change and regulations that can help improve their situation.

Hence, a conversation around these matters may settle (or open) new arenas of exploration within the management and higher education segment holistically.

Time: Tuesday, 21 February 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM IST / 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM GMT

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