How ITP makes the difference

international teachers program ITP at vlerick

Tymur Korytnyi, MBA Lecturer on Digital Transformation at Kyiv School of Economics, gives his testimonial of the first module of the International Teachers Program (ITP) that recently took place at Vlerick Business School.

Drummers used to joke that being a drummer is only real work, all the rest is just occupation. Well, to that extent, I would name being a true teacher as occu-Passion, then.

International Teachers Program, or ITP, is the combined passion of the top business schools worldwide to provide an intensive training curve to develop even a better teacher from yourself, whatever was your teaching experience for the moment. For me personally, it is like a rare chance to study in all those schools at the same time, but in the shoes of the teacher.

ITP is carefully transferred from one school to another every two years, same as the Olympic Games changing the hosting country regularly, if you let me use this metaphor. And the same, as during the Olympics, I would guess, this program demonstrates the desire between those respectful organizations to give a lot of empowerment for the teachers, mentors, and tutors to take again a seat at the school desk to become a better version of themselves in just a half of the year.

One shouldn’t be misled by the gamification of the learning process, as if there are very demanding tasks behind. Eventually, that is because you must fight against yourself, first, being pushed to carefully review what you’ve done over years professionally as a teacher. Second, you are surrounded by peers in the same domain of expertise, and everyone will have to apply what was learned, while others will assess. Thus, it depends on everyone to create a common trustful atmosphere for learning, that encourages everyone to be open and make progress together.

Program consists of three modules. First and the third modules are in person at the campus in two lovely cities of Belgium, while the intermediate session is supposed to be online. Course structure is well-balanced, keeping participants focused, engaged, and interested.

Faculty perfectly designed the opening part of the session, letting everyone get acquainted with each other in a very natural and fast manner. All the following sessions will surprise you, since most of the materials and insights, most probably, will be new discoveries for you. Classes are mixed types of lectures, interactions, group work and personal chance to speak. Various learning approaches and practices applied, for example, lecturers and students are changing roles constantly to see yourselves from different angles to revisit their teaching styles.

Talking about performance, I must mention the Dramatic Resources session, led by talented actors and theater directors from the UK. Absolutely amazing mix of public speaking exercises, to better control the body, voice, and energy of the lecturer help one to own the scene and impact the audience. Group together helped to reveal personal points of improvement through individual rehearsals.

Being an IT guy, I would rather compare Vlerick campus in Brussels with the modern cloud infrastructure. Absolutely spacy, colorful ecosystem accepts you seamlessly from the very start. High-end presentation equipment is natively clear how to use, even making you a bit jealous, that your own facilities may be not so convenient and fancy. Campus building offers whatever you need to be focused on the successful learning, accompanied by the delicious catering and coffee-breaks.

Diversity of the participants is amazing. So many geographies and nationalities, which is another proof of the right concept of the program. So many nationalities, geographies, and a perfect mix of genders. So open atmosphere. So friendly people. So caring hosts. So rich traditions.

ITP provides you with three major things:

a\ trustful expertise to develop your skills as a teacher,

b\ fully supportive ecosystem to evolve,

c\ right people to keep pace and passion for the sake of teaching excellence.

Tymur KortnyiI’m from the heart of Ukraine, which is the heart of Europe. We all are pretty much from the heart of historical events nowadays, which is the turning point for many nations. The best thing that I could feel among the people and the place around here on ITP, is that I feel at home here. And I will bring to my country all the love, colors, energy, and passion from my new friends here, hopefully, as every one of them will bring back something personally important.

Tymur Korytnyi
MBA Lecturer on Digital Transformation @ Kyiv School of Economics
Digital Head @ Ukraine State Defense Industries