EFMD statement on Ukraine


We are deeply dismayed and concerned by the invasion of Ukraine, which has inflicted great pain and suffering upon innocent individuals, families, and communities. It stands in sharp contrast with the values of peace, diversity, and freedom that EFMD Global stands for as a community.

We wish to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and strengthen our support for our members there, their staff, faculty, and students, who are suffering from these horrific events, as well as Ukrainians around the world deeply affected by the unfolding conflict. We also recognise the precarious position our Russian members and friends face; they have always embraced our open, collaborative, and peaceful community.

The EFMD network will do all in its power to support our community and advance the goals of cooperation, liberty, and peace.

Prof. Eric Cornuel, President, EFMD

Alain Dominique Perrin, Chairman, on behalf of the EFMD Board


  1. Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP on February 27, 2022 at 22:11

    A great EFMD statement as we are crossing these times of unprecedented turmoil and hardship. More than ever, our EFMD community can be proud as this is a strong reminder of our European values as defined in the Treaty of Lisbon : human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights. May all political leaders make their decisions accordingly.

    • MCLAUGHLIN on March 6, 2022 at 17:12

      Polonius : What do you read my lord?

      Hamlet : Words, words, words.