Impact of the Corporate Learning Function

CLIP impact

How can a Corporate Learning Function demonstrate the impact it has on the business and within its Organisation?  Can it demonstrate broader impact to its stakeholder network or even society at large?

Impact of the Corporate Learning Function

The Impact of the Corporate Learning Function is the final of the five chapters of EFMD’s CLIP framework for excellence in corporate learning.

Ultimately the Corporate Learning Function must be able to collect, analyse and report data on the impact of its services, programmes and activities to its Organisation. This data may be drawn from its own systems as well as other available sources.

The impact measurements the CLF carries out should be done across its stakeholder network: participants, participants’ direct managers, the business itself as well as contributions to talent development strategies.  In some cases, within mature CLFs, it may even be able to show contributions to its Organisation’s transformation, innovation, organisational development or strategic agendas.

When a Corporate Learning Function contributes fully, it will also be able to demonstrate how it fits into the employee value proposition and employer brand.  This thanks to the contributions it makes to its Organisation’s ability to attract, develop and retain talents.

In addition, the CLF might also consciously and sustainably serve the Organisation’s societal goals through activities as contributing to schools, non-profit organisations, or startup developments for example.  Or even contribute through activities such as contributing to research, the publication of white papers, delivering specialized seminars or presenting in industry conferences that create and/or diffuse knowledge for wider use in society.

The impact that a Corporate Learning Function is able to demonstrate within its Organisation will ultimately support its strategic positioning.  This allows the CLF to create a virtuous circle that reinforces its Learning Value Chain, continuously raising it to a higher level.

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