The Offer of the Corporate Learning Function

CLIP Offer

How does a Corporate Learning Function (CLF) ensure that its offer optimally supports the business in the realisation of its ambitions? How does it meaningfully involve the business and learners in the design of its programmes, services and activities?

The Corporate Learning Function’s Offer is the third of five chapters of EFMD’s CLIP framework for excellence in corporate learning.

Once the CLF has clarified how it will contribute to the organisation’s ambitions and determined the populations it should target in consequence, it needs to define the offer it will develop and deploy to build the mindsets, skills and capabilities required to create the desired impact.

The Offer chapter takes into consideration the CLF’s portfolio of services, programmes and activities, the digital tools it uses as well as how it aligns with other learning providers within the organisation in order to ensure a seamless and integrated learner experience. After all, the learners are looking for resources to either get their job done more effectively and efficiently in a continuously changing environment or to expand their capabilities to take on larger or new responsibilities – irrespective of who is delivering it.

For those very reasons, the CLF must look at their offer in a holistic manner and go beyond the formal learning delivered to also think about how to facilitate and orchestrate informal learning as well as provide its services to help the business execute its strategies.

Lastly, the Offer chapter looks at how the CLF’s services, programmes and activities are designed and deployed. The applied methodologies and tools should allow engagement of the business, learners and other key stakeholders using agile approaches, leveraging analytics and taking into consideration international and cross-cultural aspects of the organisation. The chapter concludes by examining how the CLF follows up and monitors its portfolio.

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