Strategic Positioning of the Corporate Learning Function

CLIP Framework Strategic Learning Function

What is excellence in corporate learning all about? It starts by ensuring that the Learning Function is aligned to the mission and strategy of its organisation, how it is positioned and how its governance ensures that it has the mandate, support and involvement of the business to successfully deliver. In other words, how does the Learning Function ensure that through the impact it delivers, it is a key partner for the business to execute its strategy successfully?

The Strategic Positioning of the Learning Function

The Strategic Positioning of the Learning Function is the first of five chapters explored by EFMD’s Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) framework. And experience has shown that getting the strategic positioning and structural dimensions right is the biggest challenge in developing an effective and impactful Learning Function.

This chapter starts with an analysis of the Learning Function’s mission and purpose, how this is effectively translated into coherent operational objectives aligned to the organisation’s strategic agenda, and the role digital plays.

A detailed analysis is then made of the nature and effectiveness of the Learning Function’s governance, and how high-level guidance supports the strategic alignment of the Learning Function and its ability to adjust in an agile manner to shifts in the organisation’s priorities.

Finally, the chapter focuses on how the Learning Function is positioned and supported within the organisation, its contribution to innovation and how well the function reflects its organisation in terms of businesses and geographies.

Delivering sustainable value

CLIP accredited Learning Functions have highlighted that this is an important and challenging chapter as it requires them to take a step back and ensure that their strategic intent is aligned to their daily operational activities. In other words, it forces them to critically look at how to allocate their resources and how their activities create a real impact for the organisation and their target audiences. This is important as the more business impact the Learning Function can demonstrate, the stronger its strategic positioning will become, allowing it to create a virtuous circle to deliver sustainable value.

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