EQUIS re-accreditation of Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Rennes School of Business; Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa and Université Paris-Dauphine

We are extending our congratulations to the EQUIS re-accredited institutions:

Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Rennes School of Business, France

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada

Université Paris-Dauphine, France

Alfons Sauquet, Quality Services & EQUIS Director,  congratulated the schools by saying: ‘We are delighted to continue recognising the business institutions’ quality and quality improvement. EQUIS was conceived as an accreditation system rooted in respect for diversity of institutional and cultural contexts. It promotes no “one best model” of a business school and does not impose standardisation of programme design, course content or delivery mode. We value all schools in their contexts and acknowledge their efforts to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive business school landscape.’

EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System – is a rigorous tool for business schools to assess, accredit and improve their quality in ten key areas, benchmarking them against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, and foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as corporate engagement.

It offers not only a quality assessment but also a quality improvement process, very much rooted in the mission of EFMD. True quality is about continuing to strive to do better, even when you are already excellent, and this focus on continuous improvement is thus at the heart of the EQUIS mission.

Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a world-class business school that offers high-quality academic programmes and conducts cutting-edge research. It is one of the six faculties of a renowned public institution, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The quality of teaching and research and connections with practice altogether grant an inspiring learning experience for their students, who can enjoy a very good placement rate after their graduation.

‘The Faculty of Business, PolyU continues to achieve its innovation-driven education and scholarship mission with expanded efforts on internationalisation, ERS, and corporate connections,’ said Edwin Cheng, Dean, Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Rennes School of Business offers a comprehensive portfolio of a full-service business school. It is well-regarded both nationally and internationally and maintains strong links to the corporate world thanks to its proximity to practice, which is part of the institution’s identity. The school provides its students with up-to-date content and skills by implementing modern educational practices and constantly seeks to improve its quality by incorporating industry feedback and involving independent external reviewers.

Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean, Rennes School of Business, commented: ‘The renewal of our EQUIS accreditation in an unprecedented digital mode allows us to take a new step in our development by renewing our very international outlook on the world to come, by deploying distinctive areas of excellence and by further increasing the membership of a vast Rennes School of Business community around the world, especially our Alumni network. EQUIS is the recognition of our excellence and at the same time a path to be even better.’

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa enjoys its bilingual heritage, which is very much valued by students and stakeholders. The school vividly engages with local and national companies and maintains strong connections with practice. These feature in the strategy of the school, throughout selected programmes, and in student engagement through the involvement of practitioners in the school’s activities. The school can very well differentiate itself in the increasingly competitive business school landscape.

‘The Telfer School of Management is proud to receive another 5-year accreditation renewal granted by the EQUIS Accreditation Board and EMFD Global. It demonstrates the school’s commitment to empowering current and future societal leaders to influence smarter decisions about policy and practice to create a Better Canada,’ commented Wojtek Michalowski, Interim Dean, Telfer School of Management, uOttawa.

Université Paris-Dauphine attracts high-quality students and provides strong support for its student body throughout their studies and during their transition to the job market. The school’s faculty is first-rate and fully engaged in the institution’s mission. Université Paris-Dauphine leverages its distinctive expertise in both academic and practice-oriented research, and embeds ethics, responsibility and sustainability very well in its activities.

Patrice Geoffron, Interim Director of Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, was delighted by the news: ‘For us, this accreditation is a recognition of how committed our staff and students are on a daily basis. It’s a testimony to our efforts in areas that we see as essential, whether those are high-quality research, the values of social responsibility, or the public aspect of our work. This accreditation is both a recognition of our work to date and an invitation to keep doing what we’re doing at Dauphine-PSL.’

EQUIS attaches particular importance to the creation of effective learning environments which foster students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills alongside their personal development and sense of global responsibility.

There are currently 189 EQUIS accredited schools across 45 countries globally. More information is available on efmdglobal.org/equis.