Anti-Poverty Working Group Update October 2020


7th Responsible Management Education Research Conference, Chur, Switzerland, 19-21 October

The 7th RME Research Conference on The Promise of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Responsible Management Education and Moving forward with the SDGs, the event gathered more than 210 participants from all over the world. The event was co-organized and hosted by the University of Applied Sciences from Chur, Switzerland, where the 1st RMER conference took place in 2014.

Member’s participating

The Anti-Poverty Working Group was well represented – acting as presenters, track and session chairs, session moderators and/or speakers. Working group (WG) members that contributed to the conference’s success included Meike Bukowski (Austria), Norman Arrudo-Neto, Claudio Boechat, Flavio Pinheiro Martins (Brazil), Anastasiya Marcheva (Bulgaria), Xuanwei Cao (China), Shirley Yeung (China, Hong Kong), Alexander Herzner (Germany), Divya Singhla, Shiv Tripathi (India),Consuelo Garcia de la Torre (Mexico), Anna Simaens (Portugal), Milenko Gudić (Serbia), Tay Keong Tan (Singapore, USA), Raymond Saner, Lichia Saner-Yiu, Lutz Schlange (Switzerland, Carole Parkes, Alec Wersun (UK), Geri Mason and Al Rosenbloom (USA).

Projects highlighted

Several presentations referred also to projects that the WG conducted in recent years, including the WG Global Survey on Student Voices on the SDGs and the Issue of Poverty in Management Education (Geri Mason and Al Rosenbloom), Anti-poverty Toolkit (Al Rosenbloom, who presented the Toolkit as our WG “signature” project mentioned in the cross-association panel ), a joint book project on Global Champions of Sustainable Development (Xuanwei Cao and Al Rosenbloom), as well as the WG research and publishing activity in general (Carole Parkes as one of the panelists in the semi-plenary session on Quo Vadis RME Research. Extending the Boundaries of the RME Field.)

Thematic contribution

The WG provided leadership for and moderated a semi-plenary conference panel on Building RME implementation Coalitions for Impact in the Decade of Action that extended discussion of the first gathering of major players in the landscape of responsible management education, held as a WG initiative at the 6th RMER Conference, Jonkoping, Sweden. While presenting the ‘signature’ projects and programmes of their respective organisations and networks, which they offered for mutual sharing and collaboration, Mathew Wood (EFMD), Dan LeClair (GBSN), John North (GRLI), Milenko Gudić (PRME Anti-poverty WG), Peter McKiernan (RRBM) and Florencia Librizzi (SDSN) each acknowledged the practice of having a continuous dialogue at future RMER events to foster synergy during the Decade of Action.

As an echo to this, GRLI (Global Responsible Leadership Initiative) published on 29 October a series of three short blogs by Milenko Gudić that are based on his contribution to the ASCOLFA 2020 Annual Conference in August, including the section on the need for a global RME pandemic, which he presented as a context for the cross-association Coalition Building panel in Chur.

2021 RMER Conference: The event in Chur ended with the announcement of the 8th RMER Conference that will be held in 2021 in Suzhou, China, where our WG member Xuanwei Cao has already started working on the preparatory and organizational activities.