2020-EFMD New Logo Portfolio _blog

For almost 50 years now, EFMD has been connecting close to a thousand leading institutions in business education, corporate learning and management development, with members located in 92 countries worldwide. We have been honoured to accompany our members on the quality development journey, engage them in collaborative projects, and bring them all together in professional development and networking activities.

As we move towards a new decade, EFMD will continue to focus on its mission of promoting and enhancing excellence in management development globally. Being part of this community calls for clear communication to the market about the exceptional value of our network, along with the mission, principles and goals which it carries.

For this reason, we have been working to revamp the EFMD visual identity, and we are delighted to present EFMD Global to you. This will bring both EFMD and EFMD Global Network’s portfolios under one shield, gathering accreditation, certification, development and impact services.

Our aim is to bring more synergy to the EFMD brand family, giving it a modern touch, and upgrading its operational qualities while still remaining true to our core identity.

The new brand portfolio comprises umbrella logos as well as derivative accreditation, certification, development and impact logos that can be applied by the institutions in our network to reflect the respective labels they have been granted.

EFMD members can also use a new logo which indicates that they are an EFMD Global member.

Additionally, we have developed a fresh brand identity for an integrated EFMD Accredited Programme accreditation system. This will provide a more inclusive and flexible way to accredit programmes in the framework of the EFMD quality services strategic portfolio review.

2020-EFMD Accredited Presentation_blog

If you or your colleagues have any questions about the new labels, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly at communications@efmdglobal.org.

We do hope that you like our refreshed look and we look forward to continuing to promote excellence in management development globally.