Bologna University Business School; Faculty of Business and Economics, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences & School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University have their programmes successfully re-accredited by EPAS

Congratulations to the following three institutions who have recently been granted EPAS re-accreditation for their programmes:

Bologna University Business School

Faculty of Business and Economics, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences

School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University

Bologna Business School (BBS), part of the University of Bologna, has clear values and puts emphasis on the personal development of responsible managers. BBS has been able to find the right mix between the corporate and the academic perspective – something that is very evident in the Master in Human Resources and Organisation (MHRO) programme.

“EPAS re-accreditation is an important milestone for the Master in HR & Organisation of Bologna Business School, the first Inter-University Master in Italy organisational planning and human resource management directed by professors Marcello Russo and Gabriele Morandin. The Master every year involves participants from all over the world, and the educational path ensures 360-degree training, leveraging innovative knowledge of HRO, projects developed with the collaboration of leading companies and networking with professors and managers,” said Marcello Russo and Gabriele Morandin, Co-Directors of Studies at Bologna Business School.

The School of Business, Society and Engineering, Mälardalen University can be commended for its quality of education as well as for its important research culture and offering an excellent student experience. The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business Management aims to educate business managers who can meet the demands of tomorrow’s international business which is supported by clear ILOs, a strong emphasis on international management and great opportunities to study abroad.

Its parent programme, the Master’s Programme in International Marketing is a rigorous programme aiming to provide theoretical knowledge of international marketing and to develop the international managerial skills of students. The IM programme is focused on research-based teaching, and the development of methodological knowledge as half of the four courses are methods oriented.

Thomas Wahl, Dean of the School of Business, Society and Engineering at the Mälardalen University, commented: “It is with great pleasure to accept the EPAS re-accreditation for both of our programmes: Bachelor’s Programme in International Business Management for the next five years and Master’s Programme in International Marketing for the next three years. The EPAS re-accreditation proves the high academic quality with practical relevance of both programmes and reflects our commitment to a continuous strive for academic excellence with exceptional research-active faculty. EPAS re-accreditation is a great accomplishment that can only be attributed to the enormous hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff, students, alumni, corporate and all other stakeholders”.

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences is a well-established University in Latvia with a unique vision to be an “interdisciplinary paradigm where “business meets Art” to provide professionals who are socially responsible for Latvian international business”

Thanks to this multi-disciplinary approach, the Professional Bachelor in European Business Studies is a good programme of the Faculty of Business and Economics, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences which is strengthened by an international focus and excellent graduates’ employability.

Barbara Sporn, EPAS Director, highlighted: “Congratulations to the three institutions that have successfully gone through the EPAS re-accreditation process of their programmes. Their achievement proves their commitment to ongoing advancement and continuous improvement. The highly demanding EPAS standards ensure that the accredited programmes are designed and delivered so that they are both academically rigorous and have practical relevance for students in today’s global environment.”

EPAS was launched in 2005, and over those fifteen years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business schools’ programmes all over the world. The programme accreditation from EFMD is one of the most demanding yet effective ways to certify the quality of a programme in the field of business and management.

There are currently 124+3 EPAS-accredited programmes on offer at 90+2 schools across 35 countries. For more information on EPAS, visit

* The first programmes form 2 pilot institutions received the new ‘EFMD Programme Accredited’ label in October 2019.