Reimagine the Future

How To Rethink Tomorrow For You and Your Organization

Are you wondering what the future may hold for your company, your team and yourself? This summit is for you. On 6 May, Thinkers50 is partnering with Outthinker on a webinar extravaganza: Reimagine the Future.

The virtual summit involves 24 speakers over 24 hours with the content available to participants for one year, and all of the profits go to Covid-19 related charities in Europe and the US. Speakers include Dan Pink, Renee Mauborgne, Amy Edmondson, Scott Anthony, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Hal Gregersen, Marshall Goldsmith, Dave Ulrich, Erin Meyer, Lynda Gratton, Tiffani Bova and many more.

Join a global community with thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals from across industries, for a conversation about rethinking tomorrow for yourself and your organization. You will arm yourselves with the latest tools to craft strategies, drive innovation and lead transformation. Grab this opportunity to reimagine the future and donate at the same time. Sign up here and get cutting-edge insights from the world’s top business minds.