Knowledge Into Action Forum

The Academy of Business in Society is organizing a flagship event Knowledge Into Action Forum on this year’s theme: “Towards a Circular Economy in Business Practice and Education” in an online format to bring ABIS’ business-academic network together in a virtual experience to discuss Circular Economy issues.

The circular economy vision has been gaining more and more traction in the past decade and has come to the forefront of policymaking, business and higher education priorities. It calls for a new economy where waste and pollution are deliberately designed out, products and materials are effectively kept in use in their lifecycle, and where natural systems are not only protected, but also enhanced.

The transition to a circular economy and society will require new ways of thinking, creating the conditions for change to happen at scale and the involvement of everyone: businesses, governments, academia and individuals. We will also need new kinds of expertise, co-operation between silos, systemic thinking and innovation in business and education.

In order to respond to our members’ interest on the implications of circular economy for educational programmes and academic curricula, this year’s Knowledge Into Action is designed to help our members gain and discuss relevant insights and resources aiming to develop circular economy teaching and learning capacity. We will do so by:

  • Providing an overview of the EU policy framework around circular economy
  • Exploring emerging trends and state of the art research and practice on circular economy
  • Enabling knowledge transfer and case study development on circular economy
  • Creating possibilities to start international projects and partnerships
  • Offering a space for our network to disseminate best practices, knowledge, and resources

The outcomes and connections developed during the event will be used to initiate and develop circular economy projects and initiatives targeting EU funding opportunities.

We ensure high level of interactions and quality of discussions even online!

The following speakers confirmed:

  • Emmanuelle Maire, Head of Unit “Sustainable Consumption, Products & Production, DG Environment, EU Commission
  • Fenna Blomsma, Junior Professor of Circular Economy and Systems Innovation, University of Hamburg
  • Brendan Edgerton, Director Circular Economy, WBCSD
  • Maija Pohjakallio, Sustainability Director, Sulapac

Stay in touch for updates on more speakers and register here: