Alex Connock, Fellow in Management Practice at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University, specialising in digital media, arts and entertainment, who has worked in the media since the 1990s, now offers a peek behind the scenes of his online teaching.

Last week I taught Digital and Social Media Strategy to a class of over 50 participants around the world from Pakistan to the US, via Armenia and Switzerland and many other places, with two Oxford colleagues. At a weekend’s notice, we moved material normally taught in amphitheatres full of lively students keen to exchange ideas and banter into the virtual mosaic of a video conference.  In so doing, we became part of a vast, global picture: UNESCO recommended online learning to mitigate school closures. Schools throughout the world are already shifting to Google Classroom, and a background migration to online learning was accelerating anyway.

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  • how the current generation of students adapts to the two-dimensional environment of online class delivery;
  • how to bring all the students into the game;
  • how to cope with unexpected events during your online class, or
  • how students put theory into practice during Alex’s online course.