Announcing the 2018 EFMD Case Writing Competition Winners

018_EFMD Case_Competition-Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2018 edition of Case Writing Competition. This year was marked by outstanding teaching cases in all seventeen management-related categories. Among the winners is a bestselling case author in the academic year 2017/2018 or a winner of the Outstanding Case Teacher award – both recognised by The Case Centre, and many more acknowledged authors. Within the wide range of categories’ focus, those cases, which were done in cooperation with companies, provide deep insights into the companies’ internal practices. All cases are up-to-date, reflecting social and economic changes from all across the globe yet provide a deep learning and inspiring experience for students.

Congratulations to all winners!

Prof. Eric Cornuel, Director General and CEO of EFMD, congratulated the 2018 EFMD Case Competition Winners: “EFMD is proud to continue encouraging innovative and impactful case writing and teaching. After a rigorous selection process, the very best cases were recognised in 17 management-related categories. We are happy to support the development of outstanding cases together with the Case Centre. With over 550 cases submitted this year, we look forward to receiving influential contributions in the next edition.”

Richard McCracken, Director of The Case Centre, said: “The cases submitted to this year’s EFMD’s case writing competition were very topical and of an incredibly high standard. The Case Centre is proud to support the competition and is delighted that case authors are being recognised in this way for their outstanding case writing. Congratulations to all the winners!”

Please visit The Case Centre’s webpage to access the collection of the winning cases.

And the Case Writing Awards 2018 go to…

African Business Cases, sponsored by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

VITALITE Zambia Ltd: The intersection of solar energy technology and mobile money in Zambia (case A & B), written by:

  • Vimendree Perumal, UCT Graduate School of Business
  • Peter Munthali, UCT Graduate School of Business
  • Ralph Hamann, UCT Graduate School of Business
  • John Fay, Vitalite
  • Sarah Boyd, UCT Graduate School of Business

“Vitalite has been a fabulous company to study and discuss in our classes. The case shows why and how social entrepreneurs may continuously question and recreate their business model to achieve their social-ecological aspirations in challenging contexts. We’re honoured by this award and we hope it inspires others to take a look at the case and perhaps use it in their classes,”
said Professor Ralph Hamann on behalf of the authors.

Bringing Technology to Market, sponsored by ESMT Berlin

Evaluating the Cognitive Analytics Frontier, written by:

  • Adam Pah, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
  • Alanna Lazarowich, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

“We are extremely grateful to EFMD and the judges for the recognition of our work and, by extension, our alumni community. This case would not exist without our alumni at both companies donating a significant portion of their time to contextualize the business landscape and decision-making process that they faced. Their generosity and engagement are fundamental to delivering current and engaging content for students today”, commented the winners.

Continuous Improvement: The Journey to Excellence, sponsored by Instituto Internacional San Telmo – Cátedra Mayoral de Mejora Continua

SEAT: Achieving excellence in production and quality, written by:

  • Cristina Giménez Thomse, ESADE Business School
  • Cristina Sancha, OBS Business School
  • Susanna Salvador-Iborra, ESADE Business School

“Many thanks for honouring us with the EFMD case writing competition award in the category of Continuous Improvement. We would also like to thank SEAT for their generosity in sharing with us their experience. Our aim when designing the case was to make students reflect on the human dimension in the implementation of operations strategies,” said the authors.

Corporate Social Responsibility, sponsored by ESC PAU Business School

Tata Motors (A): A History of Service in a New Era of Corporate Social Responsibility – Tata Motors (B): More from Less for More, written by:

  • Craig Smith, INSEAD
  • Erin McCormick, freelance

The authors said: “Recognition for this case is really due to the fascinating story it tells of Tata Motors and corporate social responsibility in India. It can generate thought-provoking engagement on the purpose and responsibilities of business with almost any audience, be they undergraduates or seasoned executives.”

Entrepreneurship, sponsored by EMLyon Business School

The Carrot Rewards Wellness App: Innovating in the Behaviour Change Market, written by:

  • Pierre Chandon, INSEAD
  • Shilaan Alzahawi, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Pierre Chandon commented by saying: “I have written many popular cases. But Carrot Reward is unique in its ability to inspire every student, from idealistic social justice warriors to hardened private equity veterans, to want to emulate Andreas Souvaliotis, so that they too can one day impact social change at scale, while turning a profit.”

“This case perfectly captures the essence of our incredible journey”, said Andreas Souvaliotis, Founder and CEO of Carrot.  “From the start, we set out to build something unique. We challenged conventions, shifted paradigms and startled policy makers with our unprecedented idea and our single-mindedness around impacting millions of lives. We’re proud of what we created and we’re honoured by this type of recognition in the academic world.” For more information about the case, please visit

Euro-Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues, sponsored by Montpellier Business School

An App You Can’t Refuse, written by:

  • Guillermo de Haro, IE University
  • Guillermo Velasco, IE University

“We both feel very happy and honoured to obtain the acknowledgement from EFMD in this category. Authoring the case study “An App You Can’t Refuse” has been an incredible venture. For this case, we leveraged on our experience developing digital business models to discuss how to select the most appropriate one to launch a new business based on an app”, said the authors.

“As there are not many cases based on apps, we got inspired by the several projects created by BigBangBox to compare four successful apps, based on the same technology, with similar cost structure, but with totally different business models. This way students can learn a lot quickly, but also may be easily confused on how to determine the best outcome”, confirmed Guillermo Velasco. 

“We have worked with this case in several master programs with hundreds of students. The impact for the students has always been like an inflexion point. Even those with experience in business models enjoy talking about games and apps, while working hard to try to make the best proposal under unexpected uncertainty. It is all about games, but business games!”, explained Guillermo de Haro.

Family Business, sponsored by Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut

Yes Bank – The Case of Unrecognized Promoter, written by:

  • Pooja Gupta, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management-Bengaluru
  • Semila Fernandes, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management-Bengaluru

The authors shared their delight: “We are honoured to be the winner of the EFMD 2019 case competition and represent Symbiosis Institute of Business Management- Bengaluru. Our case is in the area of Family Business which is a unique category as the business here evolves from being an entrepreneurial start-up to a larger company which brings its own set of challenges. The case talks about the power struggle between the two sets of promoters and the strategic choices available to them”.

Finance and Banking, sponsored by IE Business School

Credit Suisse: Building an Impact Investing Business in Asiawritten by:

  • Jasjit Singh, INSEAD
  • Joost Bilkes, Credit Suisse

“It is an honor to have our work at the intersection of business and society be recognized by EFMD. We hope that our case will encourage further honest conversation highlighting not just the opportunities but also the challenges that leading impact investors are creatively trying to navigate in delivering on the dual goal of financial performance and societal impact,”

Inclusive Business Models, sponsored by IMD

For&From: Inditex Group’s Social Franchise, written by:

  • Ezequiel Reficco, EGADE Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Alfred Vernis, ESADE Business School

“The For&From case is essentially about a new way of conceiving CSR. We know the limitations of launching “feel-good” projects detached from companies’ core or piling up “do-gooder” seals. It’s time to bring social projects closer to corporate core assets & capabilities. The case shows how this can be done through corporate social entrepreneurship”, said the winners.

Indian Management Issues and Opportunities, sponsored by Curtin Business School

Turning sand into gold – Service Transformation – A Case of Delhi International Airport, written by:

  • Gandhali Divekar, Parigha Research and Consultancy
  • Prachee Javadekar, Parigha Research and Consultancy
  • D.V.R. Seshadri, Indian School of Business

“My case is a story of transforming vibrant India. Thank you EFMD, it’s a reward to GM Rao’s passion and conviction”, said Gandhali Divekar.

Latin American Business Cases, sponsored by Universidad Externado de Colombia

LATAM: A Latin American Airline’s Emergence as a Global Playerwritten by:

  • Syeda Maseeha Qumer, ICFAI
  • Debapratim Purkayastha, ICFAI

The authors said: “We are honoured and extremely delighted on receiving this prestigious award. This award is an impetus for us to continue to develop outstanding cases and create a positive learning impact on students. As mergers and acquisitions are common in the modern business world, it is important for students to understand the dynamics and issues encountered post such business deals. This case illustrates the challenges for a Latin American airline in emerging as a top global player after a historic cross-border merger between LAN and TAM Airlines. It provides ample scope to the students to discuss the rationale behind the merger and its potential synergies, as well as the importance of post-merger integration and the inherent challenges. It also talks about the importance of brand image and brand dilution in the aviation sector.”

MENA Business Cases, sponsored by HEC Paris in Qatar

Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD): Digitally Transforming the Fashion Industry?, written by:

  • Felipe Monteiro, INSEAD
  • Katia Kachan, Mediaquest

“We are delighted to receive this award for one of the first case studies which present an overview of fashion and the process of trendsetting in the digital area. When we started this project, we were puzzled by the idea that technological innovation may allow emerging market players like Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) to set up an online fashion platform that would make the industry more consumer-centric, responding to the changing needs of connected global customers.  Our students really enjoy an open discussion about both the opportunities and challenges emerging market players (and clusters like Dubai) face to leapfrog the traditional fashion industry (and the Paris, New York, London and Milan fashion weeks) using digital tools.”

Responsible Leadership, sponsored by University of San Diego – School of Business Administration

Google and Project Maven – (A) Big Tech, Government and the AI Arms Race – (B) An Eventful Week in June, written by:

  • Gianpiero Petriglieri, INSEAD
  • Jaimie Stettin, The Business Romantic Society

“I am delighted to see our case recognized with this prestigious award! Ever since I first brought it to the classroom, while the protests were still unfolding at Google, I have found that the case provokes a vibrant and thoughtful debate about the meaning of responsible leadership in an age in which technology pervades our lives. Tech changes our habits, shapes our identities, and is transforming the world we live in. The case helps managers realize that some of the most consequential decisions leaders make are about technology—the tech they build, adopt, endorse, and sell. Whether they work in the tech industry or not, technology is, now more than ever, an expression of leaders’ responsibility, or lack thereof—as much as of their competence. The more artificial our intelligence becomes, the more human our leadership need to be. We hope this wonderful award encourages more instructors to use the case and challenge their students to reflect upon their responsibility as leaders of technology, and as leaders in technology. And ultimately to remember that, whether we acknowledge it or not, when we lead all work is personal and most business is political”, added Gianpiero Petriglieri.

Supply Chain Management, sponsored by Coventry Business School

Eliminating Modern Slavery from Supply Chains: Can Nestlé Lead the Way?written by:

  • Debapratim Purkayastha, ICFAI
  • Syeda Maseeha Qumer, ICFAI

“We are deeply honoured to receive this highly prestigious award! EFMD Case Writing competition has been there for more than three decades and I hold it in high esteem as it promotes innovation, not only through the diversity of topics covered in the case entry categories, but also for being more inclusive in terms of submissions that are included with fewer restrictions on format, size, and so on. Our case is on sustainability and the supply chain and I am happy that a case focused on a critical theme like modern slavery has been selected for the EFMD award.”

Sustainable Business Models, sponsored by The Case Centre & EFMD

Hema: Alibaba’s New Retail Platform (A) & (B)written by:

  • Vincent Chang, China Europe International Business School
  • Qiong Zhu, China Europe International Business School

The author commented: “Thanks to last year’s new opening of a Hema store near my home, we were inspired to write this case. We hope that this award will never let us forget the status of “being students” and will help us treasure the heart of learning forever! Thanks to EFMD!”

Sustainable Production Systems, Sponsored by The Case Centre & EFMD

Dalmia Bharat: Social Return on Investment, written by:

  • Utkarsh Majmudar, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur
  • Namrata Rana, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur

“It is an honour for Namrata and me to win this prestigious award. We hope this case will enable both academics and practitioners to appreciate the need for measuring the value of social interventions and apply the approach of Social Return on Investment,” explained Utkarsh Majmudar.

Urban Transition Challenges, sponsored by The Case Centre & EFMD

The Greater Manchester Waste Development Authority – Challenges in Sustainable Waste Management, written by:

  • K B S Kumar, ICFAI Business School
  • Indu Perepu, IBS Case Research Center

“We are delighted to receive the EFMD Case Writing Award in the Urban Transition Challenges category. We consider it a great honour to be recognized by a renowned body like EFMD, which brought in several innovations in case writing and case teaching.  We would like to thank the judging panel for selecting the case and the organizers for their support.”

For more information, please visit the EFMD Case Writing Competition website.