We are extending our warm congratulations to the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin at the University of Dublin for getting EQUIS accredited!

The EFMD Peer Review Team stated that the development of the School’s values, DNA, vision and the way in which these have enabled it to bind the existing and new faculty/staff together towards the growth strategy of the School, were indeed extraordinary.

The Director of Quality Services and EQUIS at EFMD, David Asch, praised Trinity’s achievement: “We were impressed with the School’s leadership and its commitment to quality development and found the School is following its planned growth strategy. Thanks to their enthusiastic and supportive senior leadership as well as committed faculty and staff who demonstrated ownership of the School’s values and vision, the institution managed to introduce new degree programmes, enlarge and satisfy the student body, increase quality and quantity of research, build new campus buildings and relaunch the executive education, among other things.”

Commenting on this recent EQUIS accreditation, the Dean of Trinity Business School, Andrew Burke, said: “EQUIS top-tier international recognition for Trinity Business School is timely as we will be moving into our new €80 million state of the art building on campus in the New Year. Seeking to deliver the high standards necessary for EQUIS accreditation took major team effort and innovation to transform the school to achieve this accolade and so big congratulations are owed to both our academic and professional staff (particularly, our accreditation and quality assurance team), students, alumni, benefactors, Advisory Board and the wider College; particularly the Provost and others in leadership positions in Trinity College, Dublin.”

“In addition, it is important to stress that we believe that we could not have achieved this transformation and indeed 132% growth of the school over the last three years without actually going through the EQUIS developmental process. So, we owe a big thank you to the EFMD team and particularly to Kai Peters (our EQUIS Advisor), David Asch, Martin Schader, Michael Osbaldeston and of course the Peer Review Team. I would strongly recommend EQUIS accreditation to any ambitious Dean who is seeking to create a World Class Business School,” he added.

David Asch concluded: “There are currently no substitutes for such an in-depth assessment of quality and all the EQUIS accredited schools should be commended for their commitment to excellence.”

The rigour of the EQUIS accreditation system does not just concentrate on a few criteria that can vary immensely from year to year. EQUIS actually gets right into the heart of the school’s offerings, its ethos and value for students.

In total, 180 schools have been accredited by EQUIS in 44 different countries. For further information, please visit the EQUIS webpage.