Online education has come to an interesting point in its over three-decade-long life


span. No longer seen as a passing fad or novelty, it has gained widespread acceptance and credibility, not only by the general public but from those in the field of education as well. As attitudes have favourably changed over the years, so has the state of educational options online. Thanks to this widespread acceptance, there are more choices than ever before for potential students.

Accredited Schools Online created this guidebook

to help prospective online students better understand the educational challenges they may face, and how to overcome them. The guide takes an in-depth look at platforms such as MIT OpenCourseware, Khan Academy, and Coursera, and includes advice and keys to success from a panel of online learning experts.


Key features of the guide include:

  • An inspection of the different types of online learning
  • Tips for choosing an online program and how to get the most out of an online education
  • Financial aid options for online programs

Learn about all the findings and access the Online Schools Guidebook here.