One year ago, the American University in Cairo (AUC) School of Business launched the knowledge portal Business Forward, which mainly focuses on giving in-depth insights on economic and financial developments, placing AUC on the global map and further advancing the coverage of business news and issues in Egypt.

To celebrate this, the AUC is hosting an event under the umbrella theme of The DNA of Egypt’s real economy: A look forward on December 3, from 1 pm-4:30 pm at the Moataz Al-Alfi Hall of the American University in Cairo’s (AUC) New Cairo Campus. During this event, speakers will showcase what needs to be done in order to push the Egyptian economy forward and enable healthy growth. Economic growth here refers to the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services in real, not nominal terms while ensuring a balance that puts the citizen at the forefront of beneficiaries of said growth.

The AUC is inviting you and your networks to follow the live streaming of the event and they look forward to receiving your comments and questions on the social media channels during the event (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn). Feel free to spread the word and invite your stakeholders on the AUC’s behalf.

Please see the distinguished speakers who are going to give their insights on how to push Egypt’s economy forward: