Expresso Newspaper: Global Management Challenge, a simulation course offered by SDG received the EOCCS certification

Expresso Newspaper, 21 July 2018

The Global Management Challenge received the EOCCS certification from EFMD

Eric Cornuel, CEO of EFMD, with João Matoso Henriques, CEO of SDG, and Keith Pond,
EOCCS Director

EFMD – The European Foundation for Management Development, a global organisation dedicated
to continuous management development and leading certification programs as well as accreditation systems, recently awarded the Global Management Challenge with the EOCCS certification benchmarking the online business/management courses. For João Matoso Henriques, CEO of SDG,
this is a top certification that guarantees the quality of this simulation program that runs already its
39th edition.

With headquarters in Brussels, EFMD has more than 900 member institutions, amongst which you
may find top business schools, universities, public services and companies, located in 88 countries.
Diverse EFMD activity portfolio offers also benchmarking certification, namely the Online Course Certification System (EOCCS) that the Global Management Challenge, a simulation run by SDG, received last month.

“This certification targets at online courses offered by business schools, universities or corporates
and the simulation is considered by this entity as an online platform just like an online course,”
explains João Matoso Henriques. He adds that EFMD “highlighted that participants of the Global Management Challenge have access to a content and a platform throughout whole simulation model, which provides them with information and knowledge that they can use later on, depending on their interest and intensity with which they do the course”.

Prior to the EOCCS certification, which was launched in 2016, Global Management Challenge had already obtained another certification from EFMD that had ceased to exist since then. Despite
the connection that already existed, in order to receive the EOCCS badge, SDG had to go through
a complete certification process.

In order to obtain this quality stamp, all the processes of the simulation were analysed and assessed
by the reviewers who received a feedback directly from simulation’s participants, sponsors, as well as its clients. The Review Panel consisted of independent reviewers where two of them were specialists on business simulations. “Every three years, to remain certified, there is a re-review of this process,” says the CEO of SDG. In his opinion this label “gives credibility to the course. For example, when companies are looking for a training program for their managers, they know they are getting
a quality program certified by a credible institution that grants top-level certification and within its network hundreds of renowned universities from different countries are represented. ” ends João Matoso Henriques.

Journalist / Expresso: Maribela Freitas

Photo: DR