We are happy to announce that programmes at the University of the Fraser Valley School of Business in Canada and University of Vaasa School of Management in Finland have been recently awarded EPAS accreditation.

The following two programmes have been recognised by the EPAS quality label:

– Master’s Programme in Strategic Business Development
School of Management, University of Vaasa, Finland

“Congratulations to the School of Management at the University of Vaasa, which got their third programme – Master’s Programme in Strategic Business Development – accredited by EPAS. The programme demonstrates an excellent balance between the academic and the managerial dimensions. It uses a wide range of assessment methods and has got a high quality in the teaching delivery,” commented Jens Tondel, EPAS Director at EFMD.

“EPAS accreditation process unites the whole university to act as a team, aiming at increasingly high academic quality. We appreciate the decision made by the Accreditation Committee and will be committed to continuous improvement of education in order to reach great results aligned with our strategy, added Annukka Jokipii, Vice Rector at the University of Vaasa.

“This achievement depends on the devoted participation of our professors, students, alumni and corporate partners. We want to thank them all for their work. And also express our gratitude to the EPAS peer review team and the EPAS office staff.” 

– Bachelor of Business Administration 
UFV School of Business, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

“Receiving EPAS accreditation for our Bachelor of Business Administration program marks a milestone in our commitment to provide an excellent education and to develop individuals to achieve leadership, management, global citizenship, and employability potential. All our stakeholders will benefit from this global recognition, assuring them that UFV offers a business-relevant and academically rigorous program,” said Frank Ulbrich, Director of the School of Business at the University of Fraser Valley.

Jens Tondel, EPAS Director at EFMD, added: “We are delighted to welcome University of the Fraser Valley School of Business in Canada to the community of EPAS accredited programmes. The Bachelor of Business Administration programme has a very respectable local reputation, strong corporate connections and has been successful in attracting international students.”

The list of EPAS re-accredited programmes is available here.

EPAS was launched in 2005 and in 13 years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business schools programmes all over the world. The programme accreditation from EFMD is one of the most demanding yet effective ways to certify the quality of a programme in the field of business and management.

As of June 2018, 107 accredited programmes from 80 institutions across 37 countries have been awarded EPAS accreditation. For more information on EPAS visit www.efmd.org/epas