Fundraising campaigns at business schools

campaign fund raising

A few years ago, The Financial Times published an article that stated European business schools were adopting the US art of big fundraising. Now, Stephanie Mullins takes a closer look at the INSEAD‘s Force for Good Campaign as it concludes.  INSEAD’s largest fundraising campaign to date, the Force for Good campaign, was launched in 2013 and has surpassed…

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How business education can create business citizens

business schools

Yusuf Sidani is the Dean of Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB), part of the American University of Beirut (AUB). He explores some of the challenges business schools have faced in recent years and explains why he thinks business schools should embed ethics and morals throughout the curriculum to produce work-ready graduates: The world…

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Call for Mentees – ABIS Mentoring Programme 2023-2024


On behalf of The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS), we would like to bring to your attention our upcoming third edition of the Mentoring Programme for Early Stage Researches, running from October 2023 to June 2024. We are pleased to announce that we already have a pool of more than 20 highly experienced academic mentors,…

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Empowering sustainability: Introducing Woxsen Campus Mart: redefining waste management through AI innovation


The AI Research Centre – Woxsen University Centre at Woxsen University has launched a new web application called “Woxsen Campus Mart: Transforming Waste into Sustainability.” The platform aims to promote the reuse of resources within the Woxsen community, reducing waste generation and contributing to a greener campus. This website is hosted on a local server…

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Unleashing societal and image impact: A glimpse into Kozminski University’s journey through BSIS Reassessment

Kozminski University campus

The transformative journey of an institution is marked by not just its academic endeavours but also its commitment to societal development and the image it projects to the world. At Kozminski University (KU), we found these dimensions intertwined in a symbiotic manner. Our experiences with the BSIS assessment and recent reassessment processes accentuated this perspective.…

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A business education for hospitality leaders in ESG

ESG, hospitality

Business schools have long recognised the worth of educating hospitality professionals, with some schools like EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland focusing on it entirely. Now, King’s Business School in the UK is launching its own ESG executive education programme for hospitality sector leaders.  King’s Business School and the hospitality sector’s Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA)…

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ABIS call for papers: “Navigating Multiple Transitions”


ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society cordially invites you to participate in its upcoming 22nd Annual Colloquium, “Navigating Multiple Transitions”. The event will take place on 14-15 November 2023 at our partner institution Kozminsky University in Warsaw, Poland. We welcome high-quality submissions that contribute to the advancement of our knowledge on the topics outlined below. The…

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Sustainability: How Business Schools are Helping Tackle Climate Change


There is increasing pressure for higher education institutions to remain socially responsible and help tackle climate change – and business schools are rising to the challenge. Through research, education and sustainability initiatives, schools are working together to help individuals and organisations achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Business school PR consultants Chloë Lane and…

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INSEAD’s renewed MBA curriculum leads the way in equipping future business leaders with skills to integrate social and environmental issues into decisions

INSEAD’s renewed MBA curriculum

INSEAD, the business school for the world, has announced the completion of its MBA curriculum review. The renewed MBA curriculum will embed sustainability into all 14 core courses and introduce a mandatory capstone challenging students to integrate sustainability learnings across all management areas. INSEAD prides itself on continuous innovation. By strengthening its flagship programme’s focus…

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Launch of TASK™️ by Sulitest

TASK™️ by Sulitest

Sulitest launches TASK™️ – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge – with the ambition to transform education by making sustainability a common language. The online certificate of sustainability knowledge! Press Release – March 10, 2023 To build a sustainable future, it is essential to improve the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes towards sustainability worldwide. While…

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