Responsive Management Education: Giving back control

management education

Traditional management research does not fit today’s challenges and needs to find ways to give back control to learners. Management education at business schools and universities is based on the promise of developing the competencies of the next generation of managers and leaders. Thus, the substantial changes in society that we are currently witnessing have, by…

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ABIS call for papers: “Navigating Multiple Transitions”


ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society cordially invites you to participate in its upcoming 22nd Annual Colloquium, “Navigating Multiple Transitions”. The event will take place on 14-15 November 2023 at our partner institution Kozminsky University in Warsaw, Poland. We welcome high-quality submissions that contribute to the advancement of our knowledge on the topics outlined below. The…

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The Essential Book of Business and Life Quotations by Dominique Turpin

Compiled by Dominique V. Turpin, foreword by Antoine de Saint Affrique, “The Essential Book of Business and Life Quotations” is aimed at executives, academics and anyone who wants to spice speeches and business presentations or simply reflect on some of the best things ever said on topics linked to business and management. The book launched on…

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Strategy misconceptions debunked in new book by ESSEC Business School’s Professor Jérôme Barthelemy

myths of strategy

As his latest book ‘Myths of Strategy‘ publishes, we speak with Professor Jérôme Barthelemy from ESSEC Business School and take a closer look at his decision to tackle challenge strategy-speak, banish management hyperbole and discard the worst myths and misconceptions in business today.  Jérôme Barthélemy is Executive Vice-President, Dean for Post Experience Programs, Corporate Programs…

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BSIS from a project manager’s perspective


Thanks to Eric Neutuch, Accreditation and Institutional Projects Partner, and Anne-France Borgeaud Pierazzi, Head of Public Affairs, at IMD for sharing their perspectives. Your institution may be considering adopting the Business School Impact System (BSIS). If so, you probably are thinking about how to conduct the project effectively and efficiently. At IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland), we…

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Why some managers treat employees fairly while others don’t

Professor Marius van Dijke of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, tells Stephanie Mullins, Associate Director of BlueSky Education, about leaders who value fairness and why it’s so beneficial. Here are his thoughts:  In a perfect world, this article wouldn’t exist. All managers would act fairly to all employees, and that would be that. But…

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Emotional skills are key to resilience in management

Wellbeing management skills

By Hugues Poissonniner, Professor of Strategy, Management and Purchasing at Grenoble Ecole de Management Fostering resilience during a crisis can be a game changer for managers and their team members. And the key to achieving this? Emotional skills offer a fundamental building block for managers to promote collaboration, resilience and well-being. Our emotions are an…

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Criticality, Responsibility and Citizenship in Management Education

Business schools’ mandate to foster criticality and citizenship through management education is accentuated in our “post-truth” era. What remedies do scholars and managers suggest for the current challenges? By Rajani Naidoo and Howard Thomas. There are growing calls for Business Schools to contribute to fostering criticality and citizenship through management education and to shoulder some element…

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Upskilling and Empowering HR Professionals: the Need of the Hour


Globalisation, technical advances, and new-age employees – a lot has changed over the past few decades. And with these changes, the roles of HR professionals have also changed. HRs are now looked upon as business partners that understand the organisational goals and drive growth. But to expect HRs to drive growth and upskill other employees,…

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