BSIS Virtual Symposium Conclusions

BSIS impact and rankings

Michel Kalika, Director, BSIS, shares conclusions of the recent Business School Impact System (BSIS) Virtual Symposium The 2021 BSIS Symposium was organised through eight sessions that covered all the topics that business schools face today. During the last two weeks of April, 25 experts participated in the sessions and shared their experience on the impact…

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Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo completes the BSIS process


We are pleased to announce that Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (FGV EAESP) has completed the rigorous Business School Impact System (BSIS) assessment process and received the BSIS label. Warm congratulations to the institution! FGV EAESP was founded in 1954 and currently has around 3,580 students. It is Brazil’s most…

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UPF Barcelona School of Management, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s management school, receives the BSIS label

We are proud to announce that UPF Barcelona School of Management has successfully completed the Business School Impact System (BSIS) process. UPF-BSM is a private and free-standing business school specialising in Masters and Executive Education in Barcelona, Spain. They have a significant educational impact with a large and active alumni network and a high percentage…

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BIMTECH: the pluridimensional concept of impact

BIMTECH BSIS Impact Series

Demonstrating Impact BIMTECH’s journey of impact began when it decided to earn the label of Business School Impact System (BSIS) offered by European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD), Brussels. Going through the process, we realised that accountability should move from measuring output to measuring outcomes and impact. After receiving the BSIS label in 2019, the…

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St.Gallen University’s impact reconfirmed by the BSIS

It is our pleasure to announce that the University of St.Gallen recently completed the Business School Impact System (BSIS). Due to the current global circumstances, the assessment had to be carried out online. The positive results proved the institution’s significant position as a leading European business school and its diversified presence in the local, regional and international…

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Business schools’ impact during the COVID-19 pandemic

Business school impact report

Four in five business schools are confident that they have sustained or increased their impact during the pandemic The latest EFMD report, The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Business Schools, analyses the pandemic’s impact on business schools’ internal and external environments. Published in collaboration with survey software Le Sphinx, the report sheds light on…

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HEC Liège – Societal impact and impact within the regional ecosystem

Our aim in the following BSIS Impact Series is to showcase the distinctiveness and diversity of business schools who went through the BSIS process, and who will share with you the initiatives they developed, each linked to one of the BSIS impact dimensions.  The strategic plan of HEC Liège outlines two transversal objectives to the three…

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