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EFMD Humane Winter school – A diverse workforce in practice!

EFMD – HUMANE Winter School focuses on the development of senior managers, aimed at creating awareness of the importance of integrating academic matters, finances, human resources, governance, leadership and communication strategy in the development of university strategy. The needed leadership skills and the ability to see the “big picture” in relation to the changing context…

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HUMANE Autumn Seminar: Politics, protest and engagement: working with a changing landscape of student activism in the 21st century

HUMANE Autumn Seminar Hosted by the University of Trento November 8-9, 2018 While sit-ins, marches and clashes with authorities are still features of student activism, only a tiny proportion of the student body in most universities are involved in this kind of political activity. But the reality is a more nuanced picture. Students are involved…

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