Business of Branding report 2022: Fresh insights

business of branding 2022

The UK is the most preferred international study destination, reveals the latest Business of Branding study by CarringtonCrisp in association with EFMD. In the study conducted amongst 3,004 business school students from over 20 countries, 40% selected the UK ahead of the US (35%), European Union (26%), Canada and India (both 19%). “The UK has…

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It’s the people that make a business school

The Business of Branding report provides data, insight and analysis to help schools improve their branding and marketing activity, understanding what differentiates them from competitors, perceptions of international study destinations and how best to meet student, staff and corporate demands. It’s difficult at present to think the future of business education is about technology and…

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Mastering tomorrow – what will business and students demand next?

tomorrow's masters report

There’s no doubt about the popularity of Masters degrees. Last year GMAC found that year-on-year applications had risen by 14.3% compared with 5.4% and 5.6% in the two previous years. The new Tomorrow’s Masters report, published by CarringtonCrisp and EFMD, found more of the same, with 55% more likely to pursue a Masters than they…

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Time to engage the boomerang learner

Alumni Matters 2020 CarringtonCrisp_EFMD

Many articles in recent months have asked ‘What is the future of business education?’, but perhaps they should ask ‘Who is the future of business education?’  The new Alumni Matters report from CarringtonCrisp and EFMD Global provides some pointers. Engagement with alumni is not as strong as it might be, only 17% of the respondents…

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Achieving successful external engagement in the face of budget, staff and strategic challenges

Lack of budget, absence of strategy, shortage of staff and short-term thinking are the top challenges faced by professional services staff in business schools from a new report published by Roe Communications, CarringtonCrisp and EFMD Global. The report provides insights into the biggest challenges (pre- and post-COVID), the skills needed, budget expenditure and the channels…

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Knowing me, knowing you – new research to help business school communicators better understand the challenges and strategies of reaching external stakeholders

EFMD is calling upon external relations, marketing and communications teams to take part in new research into how different business schools are communicating and how they compare to their peers. Working with higher education consultancy CarringtonCrisp and business education communications specialists Roe Communications, the research will address: The biggest barriers and challenges to their work,…

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Are you dreaming of a liquid business school?

By Claudia Monteiro, Senior Consultant at CarringtonCrisp & Andrew Crisp, Owner, CarringtonCrisp Call it what you want – hybrid, cooperative, blended, or even liquid as I heard it described recently by Santiago Iniguez, President of IE University in Spain; much future study in business education seems likely to have components of both online and on-campus…

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When is a business school more than a business school?

Business schools are sometimes Schools of Management, Schools of Business and Economics, Faculties of Business and Law, and, now, in a number of cases a School of Business and Society. Increasingly, schools recognise that business cannot be studied in isolation and the same is true of prospective Masters students. The 2020 Tomorrow’s Masters report, published…

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I wander lonely as a cloud security architect – Wordsworth and the future of business education

In the fourth of the See the Future blogs, Ian Hawkings, Senior Consultant at CarringtonCrisp, explores the expectations of employers regarding business school graduates. “When you are unemployed, weekends are seven days long”, so says the social critic and philosopher Mokokoma Mokhonoana. And although seven-day weekends may seem appealing on some level, virtually every study…

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