Polimi Graduate School of Management leverages the benefits of AI

Polimi FLEXA

This Member Spotlight highlights Polimi Graduate School of Management in Italy and its leveraging of machine learning and artificial intelligence with FLEXA. Special thank you to Daniela Mataro, Faculty Management and Accreditations Specialist, and Catia Trinchillo, FLEXA Project Leader, for their contribution. With Polimi Graduate School of Management students and alumni, other professionals and companies in…

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Initial EFMD Programme Accreditation for Bang College of Business & EMLV Business School

Initial EFMD Programme Accreditation for Bang College of Business, KIMEP University & EMLV Business School

EFMD is pleased to announce the recent accreditation of Bang College of Business, KIMEP University’s Bachelor of Finance & EMLV Business School’s Master of Science in International Business. Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented on the schools’ recent achievements: ‘Congratulations to both institutions for this achievement. We are delighted to have these two new programmes join the EFMD…

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How to choose the right DBA?

After initial launch at Harvard Business School in 1922, Henley (UK) in 1991 and Grenoble École de Management (France) in 1993, DBA programmes have started to spread. In 2022, nearly every business school and many other training institutions offer a DBA. Confronted with this profusion of programmes, it is important to know to what you…

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What brought us here might not get us there

what brought us here may not get us there

What brought most business schools to pre-pandemic success was relevant in-person education, sprinkled with online learning. Willingly or reluctantly, within weeks Covid-19 kicked all business schools into the online world. Most did very well. They tried things out, learned from mistakes, and improved all aspects of their value creation. By the end of 2021 and…

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EFMD welcomes 18 new members

new members

‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ – African Proverb We are thrilled to announce that 16 institutions have been reviewed and approved by the EFMD Membership Review Committee on 12 May 2022. The corporate network welcomed one new member and we also welcomed a new honorary…

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Connecting with careers at the 2022 CPDI


By Maria Moragianis, Head of Career Development & Community Engagement, Highered. This year’s CPDI (Career Professionals Development Institute), graciously hosted by EADA Business School in Barcelona was the first in-person EFMD careers event since the Covid-19 outbreak and the energy was high among the 20 careers professionals participating. After two years of online connecting, it…

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New GMAC report sheds light on emerging themes in changing graduate management education

GMAC report

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) have released an industry report on “The Future of Graduate Management Education” from the perspective of European business school deans.  The one-of-a-kind report aims to make sense of the shifting graduate management education (GME) landscape and forecasts what the future holds for GME through interviewing 20 deans from a select group of European business school thought leaders. The resulting conversations contain rich insights for business school professionals as they cultivate the next generation of impactful business leaders. ‘In a volatile world…

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EFMD behind the scenes: Conversation with Keith Pond


For our 50th Anniversary, EFMD has created a new “Behind the Scenes” series so you can get to know us better. This conversation is with Keith Pond, our EOCCS Director. Keith, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me today. Could you, first of all, tell me how long you’ve been involved…

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The long commute

bike riding

Adam Mitchell, Marketing Manager for Lancaster University Management School, continues his series on attending the EFMD Marcom, External & Alumni Relations conference sustainably. Reprinted with his permission from The Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business and Lancaster University website.  On Saturday 25 June, I’ll be cycling from Lancaster University Management School, travelling east across England to the coastal city…

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2022 Excellence in Practice Gold Award Winners

gold award winners

EFMD is delighted to announce the 2022 EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award Winners. Since 2007, the EFMD Excellence in Practice (EiP) Awards have recognised outstanding and impactful client-supplier partnerships in the domains of Organisational, Talent, Leadership and Ecosystem Development. The 2022 Gold Award Winners in the following four categories are: Organisational Development Randstad &…

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