Disrupting education: Micro-credentials for lifelong learning

Micro-credentials are becoming a more and more sought-after form of learning to incorporate at universities (Source). They often focus on distinct skills or knowledge areas and are completed in a shorter time frame. That makes them particularly attractive to professionals seeking to enhance their skills without the need to undertake lengthy studies. Recently, projects regarding…

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Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School Online Course Obtains EOCCS Certification

EOCCS certification - Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School

We are delighted to announce that the “People, Work, and Organisations” course offered by Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, UK, has been awarded EOCCS certification. Congratulations to the institution, and welcome to the EOCCS community! Acknowledging the institutions’ achievement, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented, ‘We are thrilled to witness the continued growth of the EOCCS…

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Jusoor’s ‘Startup Business’ course obtains EOCCS certification

Jusoor EOCCS

We are pleased to announce that the Startup Business course offered by Jusoor has been awarded EOCCS certification. Congratulations to the organisation, and welcome to the EOCCS community! Acknowledging the institutions, Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, commented, ‘Warm congratulations to Jusoor for obtaining EOCCS certification! The course’s societal impact, practical focus, dedicated team, and robust ecosystem are…

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L’Oréal Brandstorm – the only EOCCS-certified youth innovation competition


The 32nd edition of Brandstorm, L’Oréal’s signature innovation competition for young people, has just launched. L’Oréal Brandstorm is L’Oréal’s Group’s signature innovation competition for young people. Brandstorm is one of L’Oréal’s longest-running programs, dedicated to helping youth kickstart their careers. The competition takes place annually, and each year, it challenges young minds with a different…

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Paella, and successful online engagement


No visit to Spain is complete without sampling a delicious dish of paella. However, obtaining agreement on the “best” or “original” recipe for this Valencian or Catalan delicacy is more problematic. Is it a meat dish? Is it seafood fare? Does the rice go in first or last?… The 7th annual EOCCS learning community symposium, hosted…

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Online engagement: EOCCS Learning Community symposium 14-15 September


This blog is an unapologetic plug for the 7th EOCCS Learning Community symposium on the topic of online engagement. When considering this blog post, I remembered the various blogs I have written over the years on the subject of engagement. Blogs such as: Marvellous – a blueprint for student engagement? and, Youth (and education) wasted…

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CEDEP and Rome Business School courses receive EOCCS certification

CEDEP & RBS EOCCS certifications

We are pleased to announce that the following institutions were recently granted the EOCCS certification for their courses: CEDEP Mastering Business Excellence – Learning in a Virtual Environment Rome Business School – three courses part of the Master in Marketing and Sales. Accounting and Budgeting Human Resources Management Project and Operations Management Acknowledging the institutions,…

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