Disrupting education: Micro-credentials for lifelong learning

Micro-credentials are becoming a more and more sought-after form of learning to incorporate at universities (Source). They often focus on distinct skills or knowledge areas and are completed in a shorter time frame. That makes them particularly attractive to professionals seeking to enhance their skills without the need to undertake lengthy studies. Recently, projects regarding…

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Empowering Educators: A journey into future-focused digital pedagogy

FFE digital

Embarking on a journey into the future of education, our programme, “Future-Focused Education,” is not just a course—it’s an interactive experience designed to transform the way educators approach teaching in the digital age. Tailored for all faculty members, regardless of their prior digital teaching experience, and specifically designed for a collaborative group of faculty from…

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Redefining entrepreneurship education: Deakin Business School’s consulting approach.

Entrepreneurship, Deakin Business School

Entrepreneurship transcends the initial stages of ideation and startup creation; it embodies a continuous cycle of opportunity assessment and strategic solution development. This cycle is crucial not only for startups but also for scaling up and fostering entrepreneurial growth within established businesses. Recognising this broader scope of entrepreneurship, Work-integrated learning (WIL) at Deakin’s Faculty of…

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A business education for elite athletes

elite athletes ESSEC business school

Many business students excel thanks to the qualities that their involvement in sport has given them, such as commitment and a competitive spirit, and institutions recognise the importance of educating sportspeople with the knowledge and abilities to succeed outside of sporting careers, too. Now, ESSEC Business School has launched a new multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree for…

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Creating an eProfessor


As business school faculty look to utilise technology for the benefit of students, ESSEC Business School Professor Fabrice Cavarretta has developed a new tool at the intersection of AI and pedagogy: an avatar of himself that can answer student questions.  We spoke with Cavarretta – a professor in Management and Entrepreneurship who teaches mainly the…

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How the power of human connections can impact business education


In the dynamic world of business education, where technological advancements often take centre stage, the transformative potential of human connections is frequently overlooked. Despite the prevalence of data analytics and digital platforms, the impact of genuine connections between individuals, especially between teachers and students, is undeniable. These connections have the power to reshape the educational…

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When sport and business education come together


Many current and retired athletes decide to pursue higher education, including attending business school to enhance their skills and knowledge in the business world. Business education PR experts Kyle Grizzell and Stephanie Mullins-Wiles from BlueSky Education explore where sports and business education come together.  Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal earned an online MBA from the University…

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Reimagining the MBA to be more customisable, digital, entrepreneurial and responsible


Business schools have a responsibility to reflect the needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Business education PR expert Stephanie Mullins-Wiles from BlueSky Education explores how one business school has just done this by updating its MBA. ESSEC Business School has recently unveiled the redesign of its Global MBA programme. This remodelled programme,…

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Paella, and successful online engagement


No visit to Spain is complete without sampling a delicious dish of paella. However, obtaining agreement on the “best” or “original” recipe for this Valencian or Catalan delicacy is more problematic. Is it a meat dish? Is it seafood fare? Does the rice go in first or last?… The 7th annual EOCCS learning community symposium, hosted…

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