COVID, The Teacher: We, The Clever

In my last blog I mentioned how  every day I was discovering new things that COVID was teaching me, and ended with a thought-provoking question: What insights and discoveries are you making? So let’s take it a few steps further. Ninety-three year old Chilean philosopher Gaston Soublette observes that our civilization is increasingly being externalized,…

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Grenoble Ecole de Management: Bringing diversity and inclusion to the surface – unlocking full potential of teams

Grenoble Ecole de Management on Diversity

By Michelle Mielly and Naida CULSHAW, Professors and Researchers in Intercultural Management and Organizational Behaviour at Grenoble Ecole de Management Are multicultural teams different from other teams? Are team members not all professionals with the same objectives and goals? Such are some of the questions that come up as we uncover the hidden dimensions of…

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Developing skills after the COVID-19 crisis

GEM_developing skills

By Gaël Fouillard, Director of Executive Education at Grenoble Ecole de Management While energy, biotech and digital tech are still promising areas of expertise at Grenoble Ecole de Management, other sectors have suffered greatly from the Covid crisis. How can these sectors adapt and innovate to overcome this situation? What training options are available to…

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SDG Academy Community of Practice

When it comes to education for sustainable development, community is just as important as content. That’s why the SDG Academy has launched its new Community of Practice, which brings together leaders from academia, civil society, business, and more for peer learning around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) training and education. Whether your institution or organisation has been…

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A business school for society: a school at the heart of its ecosystem

recruitment Grenoble

By Agnes Plessis Brandi, Head of Sales and Company Relationships at Grenoble Ecole de Management and Mark Smith, Dean of Faculty and Professor in Human Resources at Grenoble Ecole de Management. It is essential for an organisation to be firmly anchored in its ecosystem – not least business schools, since supporting organisational performance is part of…

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COVID-19 crisis: A call for responsible leadership research

This article was originally published on the RRBM blog as part of the COVID-19 Insights from Business Sustainability Scholars Series which brings together business researchers from multiple professional societies: Organizations and the Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management (ONE), Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN), Network…

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Check your privilege to keep your privilege in check

Smaranda Boroş, Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, at Vlerick Business School, Belgium, reflects on the current situation. I am an absolute loner. I admit that most of the time I am enjoying this reclusive period in my life. But as more and more time passes in solitary confinement, I understand better and better why prison is…

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Covid-19 Weekly Update from the Experts at Grenoble Ecole de Management Issue No.4 

Grenoble Ecole de Management brings to you its fourth Covid-19 issue with opinions from its Experts on the evolutions they foresee in crisis communications, culture, innovations in health, consumer behavior and customer relationships, both during and post the pandemic. Communication: how can we avoid falling into Coronasurfing? When the key principles of crisis communication meet…

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Implications of COVID-19 for Public Health and the SDGs

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is rapidly changing the ways we live and work. In the age of sustainable development and at a time when the world is working towards achieving the SDGs, this disease is complicating SDG implementation efforts as well as posing a real risk to achieving targets on communicable disease, education, life…

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